Hunsand Space: Qiu Shijie @Hong Kong Art Basel 2019


Qiu Shijie’s project is a series of twelve artworks that revolve around the ways of perceiving and visualizing. The process of visualizing perception has been Qiu Shijie’s consistent inquiry. He explores its possibilities through the sculpture and installation, and as an artist based in China, his conceptions of material in relation to his immediate surroundings. Through his installation and sculptures, Qiu Shijie conveys his cognition by presenting relationships among the materials, space, narratives, and forms without projecting personal emotions. Instead of fully releasing his subjectivity into the materials, Qiu relies largely on his everyday experiences and abilities to maintain heightened alertness of his environment and he presents the logic of expression behind the artistic language in China.


Qiu Shijie born in 1970 who is an artist based in Hangzhou. He graduated from the Department of Sculpture of China Academy of Art in 2001.


Hunsand Space is founded at No. 211 Caochangdi Art District in 2014 and relocated to 798 Art District in 2018. Remaining vigilant about the conventional ways of presenting art exhibitions in the white cube, Hunsand Space aims to take the semantics and syntax from the language of contemporary art as a point of departure and to extend them into broader fields. Through its vigorous exhibitions and projects, Hunsand Space hopes to activate the overlooked aspects in contemporary culture and to bring the value of contemporary art into our lives.



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