Gary Ombler

Working photographer specializing in commercial and publication industry, published subjects including armory at the Tower of London, original vehicles of James Bond, and wild animals etc.


在商業攝影與出版界打拼近30年的資深攝影師,曾拍攝包括珍藏於倫敦塔的古董盔甲,007全部電影 原版車輛與攻擊性野生動物等。



ART.ZIP: How did you become interested in photography in the first place?

GO: It started as a hobby really. I bought an Olympus OM-4. It was just a typical manual camera, and just started taking snaps and really enjoyed it. So I thought ‘oh, part time I’ll do GCE, which in those days called O Level and took that. And from then on I took an A Level.


GO: 剛開始只是愛好而已。我買了部奧林巴斯OM-4相機,一部很普通的手動相機,然後 就開始喜歡上了拍照,決定去上普通教育文憑的課程(GCE O-Level),之後又讀了普通教 育文憑高級程度證書(A-Level).

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ART.ZIP: So that was from school?

GO: Beyond school. I was in my middle twenties when I started. So it became an interest so I did an A Level and thought I may go further with this. I got myself a degree course in London and started from there really.


GO: 在那之後。我是20多歲的時候開始接觸攝影,由於很感興趣,又去讀了高等程度證書 的課程(A-Level)覺得會有利於以後的發展。我在倫敦讀了一個攝影學位課程,從此就開 始從事攝影工作。

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