ART.ZIP: So have you had any influences from artists?

GO: I was really interested, especially in the earlier days, I used to avidly read and buy books about certain photographers. You know the typical were Ansel Adams, I loved these. He had a series of books called The Negatives, The Camera and then there was all about dark room, these peaceful black and white pictures and how you create the Zone System etc. I became a little bit inspired by that. And then of course people like Edward Weston and then kind of stylized nude photos, images and fruit and stuff. And then of course, I got more interested in still life stuff and I love Irving Penn. Till this day I still think he is the greatest photographer. He did many things. He did fashion. He did all sorts of genres. But he always seems so cutting-edge, especially he kind of really just started after the war. He was developing still life stuff before anybody really got into that genre in the way that he did.


GO: 早期的時候我很熱衷於買一些攝影家的著作來讀,例 如安塞爾·亞當斯(Ansel Adams)的作品,包括他的技術 革 新 三 部 曲 《 照 相 機 》 、《 底 片 》 和 《 沖 印 》 。 我 也 讀 了 關 於他的區域曝光理論,以及有關暗房和黑白照片的內容, 都給了我一些啟發。當然還有愛德華·韋斯頓(Edward Weston),那些裸體肖像、水果之類的作品。之後我開始 對靜物拍攝產生了興趣。我喜歡歐文·佩恩(Irving Penn) ,直到今天我依然認為他是最偉大的攝影師。他涉足的領 域很廣,包括時尚攝影以及其他攝影流派等等。佩恩是在 二戰後才開始從事攝影工作的,但他的作品風格新銳,其 獨特的靜物拍攝風格是前所未有的。


ART.ZIP: Did you try out any of these methods like darkroom editing?

GO: Yes I was really into the darkroom. I even have a little printer at home, an enlarger which I used to convert a little toilet and put it on little toilet seat, do printing. So we’re talking about pre-digital day, so it was no other option. You know black and white has always been an enjoyable thing. And of course when I went to university, again we had large darkroom so we always were working in there, and do black and white. Of course we do color negative, and we do transparency but black and white was always such an exciting thing, especially when you just put in the chemicals and suddenly an image appears then it’s a quite exciting moment. It’s something I suppose, in some ways I miss it but we do the same thing in the digital way now. It’s a cleaner way now. We still got control, creative control.


GO: 有的,我曾一度對暗房很著迷。我在家裡也有打印機 和擴大器那些設備,還把衛生間進行了改裝。因為當時 還沒有數碼相機,也只能這麼做。我一直都很喜歡黑白照 片。大學的時候,學校有比較大的暗房,我們都會去那裡 製 作 黑 白 照 片 ,當 然 也 有 彩 色 負 片 、透 明 片 等 等 ,不 過 我 從 來都對黑白照片很感興趣,尤其是把化學製劑加進去,片 刻後一張圖像忽然顯現出來,還一刻總是讓人興奮。我很懷念過去這種製作方式,不過現在有了數碼技術,原理沒 有變,只不過現在處理的方式更乾淨並可以發揮創造力。


ART.ZIP: Photoshop is just like darkroom.

GO: Absolutely. I see it as a tool. Everything is a tool. The end results are what counts, how you get there. There’s different ways to get there. The point is, the end result is what counts. So that’s my view.

ART.ZIP:其實,現在的photoshop圖像處理軟件就類 似過去的暗房。

GO: 沒錯,這跟其他設備一樣,都是工具。關鍵是最終製作 出怎樣的照片,至於採取什麼樣的方法,我覺得併不重要。

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