采訪 LEVAVO 3D打印工作室 馬辛·派爾西克

Marcin Piosik

Marcin Piosik is one of the founders of Levavo 3D studio, pioneering the advanced 3D printing technology into the UK market.


馬辛·派爾西克是Levavo 3D打印工作室 的創辦者,將最新的三維立體打印技術 帶入英國市場的先驅人物




ART.ZIP: Tell me a little about yourself.

MP: I have a background in IT and networking, after coming across the techniques in 3D printing 2 years ago I have decided to start this studio with my brother.

ART.ZIP: 介紹一下你自己吧。

MP: 我的專業背景是IT信息技術和網絡工程,兩年前接觸了3D技術後 我和哥哥決定開自己的工作室。


ART.ZIP: Why did you choose this method to start a studio?

MP: First of all, it’s cool. Like a photographic studio but the end result is a small 3D figure. We explored many ways we could work with the printer, at first I scanned everything I could and out of curiosity, I made a scan of my brother. From there I thought this would be a good way we can relate 3D printing to commercial use. After research we decided to put this into business.

ART.ZIP: 你為什麼會選擇這種技術來辦工作室呢?

MP: 首先,我覺得3D技術真的很酷。我們工作室看起來像攝影工作室一 樣,但是我們最終的成品是一個小小的3D人像模型。我們用打印機進 行各項實驗,最初我會掃瞄所有我能找到的東西,當這種初始的好奇慢 慢失去之後,我把我哥哥掃瞄了一次,從而發現這是一個很好地把3D打 印結合商業用途的方式。在做了一些基本調查以後我們就正式開業了。

ART.ZIP: How do you think 3D printing in relations to Photography?

MP: Both are recreating visual images. Like when photography first came out, it was difficult for domestic access, but people are starting to relate it to themselves. A client came in and asked me to print a replacement leg for her animal; it’s not yet possible at my studio. They don’t quite understand it yet, but are starting to become willing to make it relevant to their lives.

ART.ZIP: 你覺得3D打印技術與攝影有什麼關聯呢?

MP: 兩者都是視覺圖像的重現。像攝影剛誕生的時候,很難普及到家用,但人們會開始把它與自身聯繫起來。一位客人曾經讓我為他的寵物打印義肢;雖然 在我工作室還不能實現。儘管顧客還不太明白3D打印技術,但是他們已經願意把它融 入到自身生活當中去。


ART.ZIP: Do you think it will replace Photography?

MP: My mother replaced all the family photographs on the shelf with family figures! But I don’t think it will replace photography in the way that photography will go extinct, only it’s just a different approach to documenting image.

ART.ZIP: 你認為3D打印技術會取替攝影嗎?

MP: 我媽媽把家裡的家庭合照都換成家庭人像模型了!但是我並不認為3D打印技術會取 代攝影並使之消逝,它只是另一種方法來記錄影像而已。


ART.ZIP: Where do you think the future of 3D printing will be?

MP: The possibilities are infinite, NASA is looking to print food, the medics are already printing body parts; therefore I think 3D prints will affect all of us from every aspect. I have had an artist client asking me to scan and copy his sculpture, so that he will keep the scanned file himself for future reference, I guess this will affect the way art pieces will be sold as well.

ART.ZIP: 你對3D打印的前景有什麼看法嗎?

MP: 它的可能性是無限的,NASA開始考慮用它來打印食物,醫生已經用它來打印身體的 某些部分,因此我認為3D打印會從各種方面影響人類社會。我有一位客戶是藝術家,他 就讓我掃瞄和複製他的雕塑,這樣他就可以保存掃瞄件以便日後備查,我想這會影響藝 術品被消費的方式吧。


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