Interview with Neil Mulholland

Edinburgh3ART.ZIP: I have noticed that many young students are crazy about analogue photography? Are there any specific areas that your students are interested in?

NM: They are interested in hypo-technology in that sense, which is combined with a broader interest in new media. A lot of recent photography students have been drawn to look at lenses, or students have become fascinated with analogue equipment that is difficult to get your hands on. We found quite a lot of students who come over from America are interested in American vernacular photography. They start off investigating vernacular photography but very quickly that spreads into something broader which develops out of that interest in vernacular types of practice.

It is interesting because historically it is a kind of mechanised media but increasingly these days professional photographers use digital cameras, so it’s almost like that has created a space for people to double or re-engage with something more mechanical. That needn’t necessarily just be the use of large format or conventional dark room technology but they are kind of looking at things that are proto-photographic or things which sit alongside photographic technologies.

ART.ZIP: 據我的觀察,如今有很多攝影系學生都熱衷於運用傳統的膠片進行創作,愛丁堡藝術學院的學生是否也有類似的偏好?

NM: 我們的學生中有很多都對低技攝影(傳統膠片攝影)有著特殊的愛好,同時亦對新媒體也抱有廣泛的興趣。目前我們的學生中很多人都對鏡頭,或對那些通常不容易上手的傳統膠片器材有著相當的喜好。另外,我們也發現很多來自美國的學生都對美國街頭攝影有著深厚的情感,他們也將這一興趣慢慢拓展到其他的實踐中去。



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