ART.ZIP: Do you have any projects going on at the moment?

SA: I do have two really exciting projects actually. One of them is for McDonald’s France. The other one is for a big advertising campaign, which will be out anytime now. I thought it’s going to be June but I think it’s probably July. I don’t know they seem to shift the days. And the other one is a big advertising campaign, McCain’s, which is in the UK. And that will be out in autumn. They are both very interesting and both demanded very sort of close attention to detail, very specific, working closely to… I can’t really say more than that. On personal level, I’m working on a series of very close up, sort of fairly organic things. They are all sort of a flat plain. So they are looking more or less like surface textures both in landscape and also natural things in the studio and food as well.


SA: 我在做兩個很有趣的項目,一個是與法國麥當勞的合作,另一個項目是拍攝一個大型廣告系列活動,大概7月份就要推出 了。我原本以為是6月,現在看來他們改了時間。第 二個項目是與英國麥肯恩(McCain)公司合作的大 型廣告系列,計劃會在秋季推出。這兩個項目都很 有意思,也都要求對細節的高度重視。在個人工作 方面,我正在做一個近距離攝影系列,拍攝出來的 照片看上去有點像自然或者室內各種生命體的表面 結構。


ART.ZIP: I see live flowers. Have you been photographing them?

SA: Yes I have. They are really fascinating. Quite often I think people come to the studio and they can see my pots of dead flowers all over the place. They are just amazing. When you put light through them, they are just completely different. They come alive in a completely different way.

ART.ZIP:我看到你這裡有花。你平時也有拍攝這 些嗎?

SA: 是的。這些花很吸引人。來到我的工作室的人經 常可以看到這裡到處是一盆盆枯萎的花。我覺得花 真的很奇妙,打光之後就又變得鮮活起來,呈現出完 全不同的樣子。


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