第八期 ISSUE 8
舞台摄影|Stage Photography

What is the exact meaning of photography? Is it a “grab the moment” action, or a tool to record every phase of life, or a means of artistic creation, or a way of self-expression, or simply a collection of captured images? It is probably a question with various answers from a variety of people. But in spite of the fact that the camera is so popular nowadays, not every one is willing to take up the title of being a photographer. Then can we assume such a proposition, since the possession of camera does not necessarily mean one becomes a photographer, that not all photograph taking belongs to photography? From that question, different answers can be drawn, as a result of different logic. We are not going to discuss the issue of logic, though every reader can come up with whatever points of view that are come to mind. This issue feature will unfold from photographers to a world of photography that is filled with both photographic works and the stories of photographers, with our depiction to open the door of a broader photographic world behind each photograph to be studied. We are striving, within our limited content space, to introduce our readers to aspects of the relevant photographic development, in review
of photographic history, the current status, and the future prospects. I hope through the feature of this issue, you will get the understanding of the concept development of photography for the change of our cultural and artistic life, and be inspired to consider and review the fundamental meaning of photography.


“攝影”究竟是一個什麼樣的概念?是一個關於“抓取瞬 間”的動作?還是一個紀錄生活點滴的工具?是一種藝 術創作的手段?亦或是一種自我表達的方式?更或者 僅僅是“攝取影像”所包含的集合?我想對於不同的人, 答案也會是豐富多樣的,不過,即使是照相機如此普及 的今天,也並不是每個人都可以或者願意揹負起“攝影 師”的頭銜的,既然擁有相機並不代表就成為了“攝影 師”,那是不是我們可以臆斷這樣一個命題:“並不是所 有的拍照都是攝影。”?按照不同的邏輯我們可以得出 關於這個命題真偽不同的答案,誠然,我們接下來要討 論的問題並不是關於邏輯的,各位看官也儘可以自己 給出自己的看法。這期的專題,我們將以攝影師為切入 點來進入一個攝影的世界,這裡不僅僅有作品,也有攝 影師的故事,通過我們的紀錄打開一扇窺探照片背後 廣闊攝影世界的窗子,我們也儘可能的在有限的篇幅 當中為大家介紹攝影發展的相關的方方面面,回顧歷 史,描述當下,展望未來。希望這期的專題能讓大家了 解“攝影”概念的發展對我們的文化和藝術生活帶來的 變革,也希望在大家心中喚起對“攝影”本源概念的思考和審視。


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