專題|Special Feature

第十四期 ISSUE 14
中英文化交流|China UK Cultural Exchange

China and Britain, east in Asia and west in Europe, breed different cultures, beliefs and logics. Geographically, these two distantly parted countries barely seem to connect, let alone closely with each other. However, in their enduring history, in which both countries have been making contributions to humanity, China and Britain have also been exerting profound ...

第十三期 ISSUE 13
藝術策展人|Art Curator

“Curator” is a strange concept for most Chinese. In China, the word is often understood as its Chinese “equivalent” (Cezhanren) suggests—the one (ren) who plans (ce) the exhibition (zhan). However, the original meaning of “curator” as a borrowing word is never correctly conveyed in this translation. With the coming of the information era, a globalized and networking ...

第十二期 ISSUE 12
視覺劇場|Visual Theatre

Theatre in the UK integrates a variety of art forms, deserving great attention and meticulous studies through its prosperity. Alongside the rapid development of technology like multimedia and internet, theatre industry and culture in the UK are constantly evolving. As a publication that is attentive to the development of cultural and creative industry, we review one particular ...

第十一期 ISSUE 11
藝術家工作室|Artists Studio

To give a better overview of the phenomenon of the artist's studio as a whole, we present a number of real artist's studios, from various walks of the art world, and viewed from various perspectives, including individual artist case studies. We have invited contributors to tell studio stories; artists themselves, to share their statements; and, ...

第十期 ISSUE 10
藝術教育|Art Education

There are immense differences between Chinese and UK education systems and ideas. Art education, as specific as it is, is no exception. United Kingdom has long been proud of its education systems, and has attracted thousands of international students every year. This reality makes education one major source of income for UK, and the complete, ...

第九期 ISSUE 9
“新寫作”|“New Writing”

What is “New Writing”? Before coming to UK, I have never
heard about the term. Yet, in 2012, the term has been given its official corresponding Chinese translation, and has been widely accepted ever since. Thanks to the collaboration between Scotland National Theatre and Director Qinxin Tian from China National Theatre Institute, the young playwright writing ...

第八期 ISSUE 8
舞台摄影|Stage Photography

What is the exact meaning of photography? Is it a “grab the moment” action, or a tool to record every phase of life, or a means of artistic creation, or a way of self-expression, or simply a collection of captured images? It is probably a question with various answers from a variety of people. But ...

第七期 ISSUE 7
英国艺术基金会|British Art Foundation

I was often asked the biggest difference between the Eastern and Western arts. In fact, I could response without hesitation, ‘different logic, different culture’, which I think it is an irresponsible
and meaningless answer. So I start to think about the answer in a more pragmatic way. Throughout various parts of Chinese arts and British arts, ...

第五期 ISSUE5
每期專題|Special Feature

As the first bilingual contemporary art magazine dedicated to bringing together the world of art in the UK and China, ART.ZIP creates a space for all from different cultural backgrounds to discuss or provide their interpretations on contemporary art and cultural events. We periodically invite professionals from UK and China to contribute to our magazine. ...

第四期 ISSUE 4

Many of us are fond of seeing large-scale exhibitions by prominent artists in museums. This is
indeed an alternative way to have a quick clue about history of art. However, due to the nature of museum, only those established artists are selected to exhibit their artworks in museums. So we
may sometimes find the arts in museums ...


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