Karl Blossfeldt

The Whitechapel Gallery presents a major exhibition of Karl Blossfeldt’s historic photographs and publications. Blossfeldt (1865-1932) was a pioneering German photographer 
who came to prominence in the 1920s. A trained sculptor, draughtsman and teacher, he created exquisitely beautiful, close-up photographs of plants.

在白教堂畫廊正在舉辦卡爾·博羅斯費萊德特 (Karl Blossfeldt)的歷史照片和出版物的展覽。 博羅斯費萊德特(1865-1932)是一位極具開創 性的德國攝影師,他在上世紀20年代開始嶄露 頭角。他是一位訓練有素的雕塑家、繪圖師和教 師,創造出精美絕倫的植物特寫照片。

Celebrated internationally for his significant contribution
to the field of art and nature, Blossfeldt is regarded as one
of the defining photographers of the twentieth century.
He was committed to the study of form within nature and dedicated 35 years to exclusively photographing botanical subject matter. Developing a series of homemade cameras that allowed him to photograph plant surfaces in magnified detail, his stark, objective approach emphasised the detailed beauty of nature.

展覽展示了博羅斯費萊德特對自然和藝術領域 做出的傑出貢獻,他被視為20世紀極富代表意義 的一位攝影師。他的一生致力於研究自然界內 部生成的模式,並且用35年的時間專注于植物題 材攝影。博羅斯費萊德特開發了一系列的自製相 機,並用它們拍攝極致精細的植物細節,形成了 他鮮明客觀的態度——凸顯大自然在每一個細 節之美。

The exhibition includes over 80 original photographic prints made by Blossfeldt from the late 19th century until the end of his life alongside key archive material showing Blossfeldt’s significant influence, from Georges Bataille to LaszloeMoholy-Nagy.

Working at a pivotal moment between Art Nouveau and Modernism, Blossfeldt’s work became one of the major influences in early 20th century modernist art. Praised by Walter Benjamin, adopted by the Surrealists and mass produced in magazines, his photographs formed
a catalogue of patterns that reflect architectural and artistic designs throughout the ages. His work captured the spirit of New Objectivity, a cultural movement developed as a critical reaction to Expressionism that asserted a factual, direct approach to a subject.

本次展覽共展出了超過80幅博羅斯費萊德特從19世紀末期至他去 世前所創作的原版攝影作品,而且還有很多關鍵的文獻資料,同時 也揭示了博羅斯費萊德特對於從喬治巴塔伊(Georges Bataille)到 拉斯洛莫霍利-納吉(Laeszloe Moholy-Nagy)等人的巨大影響。

博羅斯費萊德所處的時代背景是在新藝術時期和現代主義之間的 關鍵時期,他的作品和創作成為了影響20世紀初現代主義藝術的重 要因素。通過雜誌的大量使用和超現實主義者的推廣,瓦爾特·本雅 明(Walter Benjamin)也稱讚他的作品已經形成了目錄似的體制, 記錄和反映了多年來建築和藝術設計的發展情況。他的作品記錄了 新的客觀主義精神(新客觀主義是指一個針對表現主義而發展出來 的文化運動,它強調確立事實和用直接的方式來探討一個主題。)

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展览场地:   Whitechapel Gallery 白教堂畫廊

展覽時間:   16.4.2013–14.6.2013



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