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The Barbican and the Wellcome Trust, two leading organisations in the worlds of art and science, announce the full programme for ‘Wonder: Art and Science on the Brain’, which will see the public, artists and neuroscientists rub shoulders – and minds – to explore the inner workings of the brain, our most complex organ.

The season has been inspired by the British Neuroscience Association’s Festival of Neuroscience, a scientific conference of some of the greatest minds in brain research from across the globe that is to be held at the Barbican in April. The Wonder season will feature films, music, theatre, talks and participation, and a wealth of hands-on experiments for all ages. Illusions, experiments, arts, theatre and game play will dominate the Barbican foyers at both the Barbican Weekender and Wonder: Street Fair, and a special brain-themed flash mob will explore the role of dance in mood and emotion.

Clare Matterson, Director of Medical Humanities and Engagement at the Wellcome Trust, said: “As humans, we have an enduring fascination with the brain and how it makes us ‘us’, individual and unique. How much can we learn about its inner workings from
art and science?” Sir Nicholas Kenyon, Managing Director of the Barbican, said: “The relationship between art and science is nearly as complex and intricate as the brain itself. This season provides a fantastic opportunity to explore the brain and how it relates to the many strands of human creativity. ”

英國巴比肯藝術中心和威康信託基金會這兩個在藝術界和科學界具有領導力 的組織聯合發起了“奇蹟:關於大腦的藝術與科學”項目,這將會彙集民眾,藝 術家和神經學家的積极參與,來共同探索我們最複雜的器官——大腦的內部 運作。

這一個活動季的靈感是來自英國神經科學協會的“神經節”的啟發,今年4月在 巴比肯中心,來自世界各地的頂尖學者和科學家會彙聚於展開對大腦研究的 學術會議。“奇蹟計劃”將會包括電影、音樂、戲劇、講座等活動,另外也會有大 量的互動和適合各個年齡層面的動手實驗項目。幻想、實驗、藝術、戲劇和遊 戲將會在週末佔據巴比肯藝術中心的大廳和街道,而且一個特殊的大腦為主 題的快閃活動,也會用來探索舞蹈在情緒和情感之間的作用。

威康信託基金醫學人文總監克萊爾·馬特森(Clare Matterson)也表示:“作為 人類,我們對大腦和大腦如何塑造具有不同個性的我們一直都是心馳神往和 充滿好奇的。我們從藝術與科學的角度上能多大程度地了解大腦的內部運作 呢?”巴比肯總監尼古拉斯·凱尼恩爵士(Sir Nicholas Kenyon)表示:“藝術與科 學之間的關係正像大腦一樣錯綜複雜,這一季的活動正好提供了一個絕好的 機會去探索大腦以及它如何產生各種迷人的創意。”



Tips 小贴士

活動場地:  Barbican Centre 巴比肯藝術中心

展覽時間:  2.3.2013–10.4.2013





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