Rock on Top of Another Rock

Fischli-Weiss, Rock on Top of Another Rock 2012, Installation in Valdresflya, Norway, Courtesy Sprüth Magers Berlin London; Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zürich; Matthew Marks Gallery, New York © 2012 Peter Fischli David Weiss

The monumental work, Rock on Top of Another Rock, is formed of two giant glacial boulders balanced precariously on top of each other. Situated close to the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens and standing at over five metres tall, the work will be visible from a number of viewpoints across the Park. This is the first public sculpture by the artists to be presented in the UK.

《石上石(Rock on Top of Another Rock)》這件作品是將兩塊冰川期的巨石以精確的平衡摞在一 起,它被安置在肯星頓花園中蛇形畫廊的旁邊,在花園的很多地方都能容易的看到這件超過5米高 的雕塑作品。這也是藝術家彼得·菲施利(Peter Fischli)(生於1952年)和大衛·魏斯(David Weiss) (1946-2012)在英國的首件公共雕塑作品。

The Swiss duo Fischli/Weiss – Peter Fischli (b. 1952) and David Weiss (1946-2012) – has created some of the most memorable artworks of the past three decades and inspired many artists around the world. The artists are best-known for their 30-minute film, The Way Things Go (1987), which has enjoyed a reputation far beyond the art world. Equally recognised is their long-term archival project Visible World, created between 1987 and 2001.Their work was chosen to represent Switzerland at theVenice Biennale in 2003, where they won the Golden Lion prize. They have exhibited extensively worldwide, with solo exhibitions at Tate Modern, London (2006), the Centre Pompidou, Paris (1992) and Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (1988).

瑞士藝術家彼得·菲施利和大衛·魏斯在過去的三十年里創作了很多傑出的藝術作品,他們也啟發 和影響了世界各地的藝術家。他們最知名的作品《事情的本來面目(The Way Things Go)》獲得的 聲譽遠遠超出了藝術界的範疇。他們另一件知名的作品是1987年到2001年創作的長期項目《可 見的世界(Visible World)》。他們的作品曾經代表瑞士參加2003年的威尼斯雙年展,并獲得金獅 獎。全球很多知名的美術館都展出過他們的作品:2006年在英國倫敦的泰特現代美術館;1992年 在法國巴黎蓬皮杜藝術中心;1988年在美國洛杉磯當代藝術博物館。

Fischli:Weiss,Rock on Top of Another Rock 2012, Indicative CGI, Courtesy, Sprüth Magers Berlin London; Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zürich; Matthew Marks Gallery, New York © Peter Fischli David Weiss

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展覽場地:  Serpentine Gallery 蛇形畫廊

展覽時間:  8.3.2013–6.3.2014



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