Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2013

Now in its 245th year, the Summer Exhibition continues to be the world’s largest open submission contemporary art show, providing a platform for both emerging and established artists to showcase their work to an international audience. The majority of the works will be for sale, offering visitors an opportunity to purchase original artwork by the artists selected for the show. The diverse media will include painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, architecture and film. Marking the start of London’s summer cultural season, the Summer Exhibition will present a snapshot of living artists today and provide a unique experience for visitors to view and buy art.

The works of art will be carefully selected by a committee of
ten Royal Academicians and with the guidance of the two lead coordinators, the galleries will exhibit over 1,000 exceptional artworks, many of which will go on public display for the first time.

今年是皇家美術學院成立245年,此次《皇家美院夏季展》繼續成為世界上最 大的開放式提名制當代藝術展,為新晉的和已經成名的藝術家提供一個平臺, 向國際範圍內的觀眾展示他們的作品。展覽中大部份的作品將被出售,這為廣 大觀眾提供了一個購買經過精挑細選的原創藝術作品的機會。參展的藝術形式 包括繪畫,雕塑,攝影,版畫,建築和電影。夏季展的開幕標誌著倫敦夏季文化 季的開始,展覽將呈現當下藝術發展的一個快照,為觀眾欣賞和購買藝術品提 供一個獨特的經驗。

展覽中展出的藝術作品都是經過皇家美院的評審委員會精挑細選的,展覽將 展出超過1000件獨特的藝術作品,其中很多都是第一次和公眾見面。

This year the Summer Exhibition will have a room dedicated to portraiture, which will include photography and works on paper, along with new works by Frank Auerbach, Tom Phillips, Michael Craig-Martin and Alex Katz. This focus will acknowledge the historic role that portraiture has played at the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition and the enduring importance of this genre within artistic practice today.

Christopher Le Brun, President of the Royal Academy of Arts says, “One of the founding principles of the Academy was to ‘mount
an annual exhibition open to all artists of distinguished merit’ to finance the training of young artists in the RA Schools. This has been held every year without interruption since 1769. The Royal Academy receives no public funding so each purchase made at the Summer Exhibition directly contributes to maintaining our free art school.”

今年的夏季展將為肖像作品特設一個展廳,其中包括攝影和紙上 作品,包括由弗蘭克·奧爾巴赫(Frank Auerbach),湯姆·菲利普斯 (Tom Phillips),邁克爾·克雷格 – 馬丁(Michael Craig-Martin)以 及亞歷克斯卡茨(Alex Katz)的新作品。這次的肖像展廳的設立不 僅標誌著肖像作品在皇家美院夏季展上扮演的歷史角色,同時也強 調了肖像創作在當下藝術實踐中的重要性。

皇家美院主席克里斯托弗·勒布倫(Christopher Le Brun)表示:“皇 家美院的初創原則之一便是‘承辦年度的展覽,展示所有藝術家的傑 出創作’以籌集資金來支持和培養在皇家美院學習和進修的年輕藝 術家。從1769年至今,這一傳統從未間斷。皇家美院的運營費用並不 是由任何公共資金支持的,所以每次在夏季展購買藝術品其實都是 對於我們運營這個免費藝術學院的幫助。”




展览场地:Royal Academy of Arts 英國皇家美術學院

展覽時間:10.6.2013 – 18.8.2013







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