Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2013

The Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2013 is designed by multi award- winning Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto. He is the thirteenth and, at 41, the youngest architect to accept the invitation to design a temporary structure for the Serpentine Gallery. The most ambitious architectural programme of its kind worldwide, the Serpentine’s annual Pavilion commission is one of the most anticipated events on the cultural calendar.

Widely acknowledged as one of the most important architects coming to prominence worldwide, Sou Fujimoto is the leading light of an exciting generation of architects who are re-inventing our relationship with the built environment. Inspired by organic structures, such as the forest, Fujimoto’s signature buildings inhabit a space between nature and artificiality. Fujimoto has completed the majority of his buildings in Japan, such as the Musashino Art Museum and Library at Musashino Art University.

Occupying some 357 square-metres of lawn in front of the Serpentine Gallery, Sou Fujimoto’s delicate, latticed structure
of 20mm steel poles has a lightweight and semi-transparent appearance that allows it to blend, cloud-like, into the landscape against the classical backdrop of the Gallery’s colonnaded East wing. Designed as a flexible, multi-purpose social space, visitors will be encouraged to enter and interact with the Pavilion in different ways throughout its four-month tenure in London’s Kensington Gardens.

屢獲殊榮的日本建築師藤本壯介(Sou Fujimoto)主持 設計了今年的蛇形畫廊臨時展館,他是第13位接受蛇形 畫廊臨時展館委託項目的設計師,41歲的藤本也是歷届 受邀參與此項目里最年輕的建築師。蛇形畫廊年度臨時 展館項目是全世界建築界最為不同凡響的設計項目,也 是每年最值得期待的文化事件之一。

藤本壯介被廣泛認為是未來最為重要的建築設計師,他 代表了一批令人振奮的建築設計師,他們正在重新定義 人类與建築環境之間的關係。藤本的設計靈感來自于像 森林這樣的自然結構,他標誌性的建築設計是將居住空 間置於自然與人造景觀之中。藤本的大部份建築作品都 在日本,如武藏野美術館和武藏野藝術大學圖書館等。

在蛇形畫廊前面,藤本運用20毫米粗的鋼條建構了一個 精緻的框架建築,其如云朵一般的半透明結構與畫廊東 翼的古典風格的風景相映成趣。這個靈活且多功能的設 計構成了一個公共社交空間,在夏天的四個月時間里, 遊客可以通過不同的方式與這個空間進行互動。



TIPS  贴士

展览场地:Serpentine Gallery 倫敦蛇形畫廊

展覽時間:8.6.2013 – 20.10.2013



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