Sir Terence Conran: The Way We Live Now
泰倫斯 · 康藍爵士:我們的生活方式

 The Design Museum marks Sir Terence Conran’s 80th birthday with a major exhibition that explores his unique impact
on contemporary life in Britain. Through his own design
work, and also through his entrepreneurial flair, Conran has transformed the look of the British home. He has established a design studio and an architectural practice with a worldwide reach. He was the founder of Habitat and a pioneer of the new restaurant culture driven by a passion for simplicity.

The Way We Live Now explores Conran’s impact whilst painting a picture of his design approach and inspirations. The exhibition traces his career from postwar austerity through to the new sensibility of the Festival of Britain in the 1950s, the birth of the Independent Group with its flare for the avant-garde and the Pop Culture of the 1960s, to the design boom of the 1980s on to the present day.

The exhibition, curated by Stafford Cliff and Deyan Sudjic, will cover key areas and themes of Conran’s career whilst exploring his wider impact on British life.

Throughout his career Conran has shown how design is intrinsically linked to business activity, and one that has earned its place at the centre of national, economic and political debate. Now in his 80th year Conran continues to symbolise a way of life that is both attractive and aspirational, an approach to life that has indeed defined The Way We Live Now.

為了慶祝泰倫斯 · 康藍爵士(Sir Terence Conran)80歲生日,倫敦設計博 物館(Design Museum)舉辦了關於他的大型專題展覽,為觀眾們展現了他 作為設計師對於英國當下生活產生的獨特影響。康藍爵士通過他的設計產 品和創業理念深深地改變了當下英國人日常生活的面貌。他的設計工作室 和建築實踐已經將其以人為本的設計理念傳播到世界各個角落。

“我們的生活方式” 展覽在介紹康藍爵士對於英國人日常生活產生的影響的 同時,也為觀眾們展示了他獨特的設計方法和靈感來源,展覽內容囊括了 他從二戰以後直至今跨越半個多世紀的設計師生涯,也展現了不同時代藝 術潮流對其設計的影響。策展人斯塔福德克 · 裡夫(Stafford Cliff)和戴安· 瑟吉克(Deyan Sudjic)以康藍爵士的職業生涯為線索,來討論他的設計對 英國人當下日常生活帶來的廣泛影響。

康藍爵士用他的整個職業生涯詮釋了設計和商業活動的內在關係,並且通 過他的努力樹立了設計在國家、經濟、政治中不可動搖的重要地位。今 天,已經80歲高齡的康藍爵士依舊是一種生活方式的象徵—充滿吸引力的 理想生活,或者說他代表和定義了我們當下的生活方式。


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