This summer, the National Gallery offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience some of the highlights of the collection in a very different way, through what they hear as much as what they see.

Leading contemporary sound artists and musicians Nico Muhly, Susan Philipsz, Gabriel Yared, Jamie xx, Chris Watson, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller have been commissioned to respond to six paintings of their choice from the National Gallery collection. Each brand new ‘soundscape’ has been specially created for the exhibition and can only be heard within the exhibition space for the duration of the show.

Each musician and sound artist will have a soundproofed room in the Sainsbury Wing exhibition space in which their chosen painting and their new sound or musical piece will be installed. These encounters between the visual and the sonic offer visitors an opportunity to experience and think about paintings in an entirely new way: to hear the music within the painting, and to see the visual within the music. This innovative type of exhibition experience has never before been staged at the National Gallery.

Ambitious in its approach, this cross-disciplinary exhibition aims to celebrate the National Gallery’s collection and demonstrate how masterpieces from the collection continue to inspire living artists today. By allowing familiar paintings to be encountered and contemplated from a new angle, visitors will be encouraged to rethink their perception of the selected paintings and explore wider conversations about how we experience art and the affinities that exist between music and painting.

受國家畫廊委託,7位傑出的當代聲音藝術家尼克·牧里(Nico Muhly)、蘇姍·菲利普斯(Susan Philipsz)、加布里埃爾·雅爾德(Gabriel Yared)、傑米·XX(Jamie xx)、克里斯·沃森(Chris Watson)、珍妮特·卡迪夫(Janet Cardiff)和喬治·比爾斯·米勒(George Bures Miller)將會從畫廊館藏中挑選6件作品,并為這些畫作定製相應的聲音作品。每一件新創作的“聲圖”都是為此次展覽專門打造,只有在單獨打造的展示空間和展覽期間才能欣賞到。




Tips 小貼士

展覽場地:National Gallery 英國國家畫廊
展覽時間:8.7.2015 – 6.9.2015


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