Andreas Gursky

The Hayward Gallery stages the first major retrospective in a UK institution of the work of acclaimed German photographer Andreas Gursky (Germany, 1955). Widely regarded as one of the most significant photographers of our time, Gursky is known for his large-scale, often spectacular pictures that portray emblematic sites and scenes of the global economy and contemporary life.

The exhibition Andreas Gursky will feature approximately 60 of the artist’s ground-breaking photographs, from the 1980s through to his most recent work, which continues to push the boundaries of the medium. Gursky’s art is driven by an interest, and insight, into forms of collective existence and includes depictions of massive man-made structures and huge gatherings of people in nightclubs, factories, arenas, and vast landscapes. As he has stated: “I only pursue one goal: the encyclopedia of life.”

The exhibition includes some of the artist’s most well-known works including Paris, Montparnasse (1993), Rhine II (1999/2015), Kamiokande (2007), and May Day IV (2000/2014). Often employing a bird’s-eye perspective, these large-format pictures–which rival the scale of monumental paintings–boast an abundance of precisely captured details, all of which are uncannily in focus.

From the frenzied stock exchange seen in Chicago Board of Trade III (2009) to the vast distribution centre shown in Amazon (2016), and from the sea of candy-coloured budget items featured in of 99 Cent II, Diptych (2001) to the eerily empty display shelves in Prada II(1997) his images provide a sweeping visual record of our age.

In recent years, Gursky’s experiments in manipulating images have led him to create examples of ‘fictional photography,’ extending his implicit questioning of our faith in the factual veracity of images. As he has remarked, today, ‘reality can only be shown by constructing it’.






展覽場地:Hayward Gallery 海沃德畫廊
展覽時間:25 January – 22 April 2018


Text by Qiwen Ke


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