Beyond Borders 2020
Online Exhibition

Life is short, and art long, opportunity fleeting, experimentations perilous, and judgment difficult. The words are from Aphorisms by Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, and after two millenniums and a half, they are still valid and insightful. We are living in a fleeting, perilous and difficult time, and it is hoped that art can guide

Queen Victoria’s Palace, Summer Opening of Buckingham Palace

The music, dancing and entertaining that characterised the early part of Queen Victoria’s reign will be recreated through special effects and displays throughout the State Rooms at this year’s Summer Opening of Buckingham Palace from Saturday, 20 July. To mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria (1819–1901), the exhibition Queen Victoria’s Palace tells the story

Unconscious Landscape Works from the Ursula Hauser Collection

Hauser & Wirth Somerset is proud to present ‘Unconscious Landscape. Works from the Ursula Hauser Collection’, an exhibition focused entirely on female artists. Over the course of four decades Ursula Hauser has assembled a deeply personal collection of works that brings together a remarkable overview of late 20th century modern masters in dialogue with contemporary artists.

Cathy Wilkes for the British Pavilion at 58th La Biennale di Venezia

A brand–new body of work by artist Cathy Wilkes for the British Pavilion at this year’s 58th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia.   Wilkes’ exhibition for the Biennale Arte 2019 is bathed in natural Venetian daylight. The unadorned architecture of the British Pavilion provides the setting for an interconnected series of floor-bound sculptural installations, paintings and

Beyond Boundaries

  11th March – 2nd April 3 月 12 日—4 月 2 日 West Wing Galleries Somerset House The Strand London. WC2R 1LA 英国伦敦萨默塞特宫(Somerset House) WC2R 1LA Beyond Boundaries is an exhibition of work by 24 artists of international renown with close working associations to two of the most important art institutions in the world;

Marc Quinn: Under the Skin

CAFA Art Museum 8 March – 24 April 2019 中國中央美術學院美術館  2019年3月8日至4月 24日 CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, will present a selection of the work of the acclaimed British artist Marc Quinn this March. One of the leading artists of his generation, Quinn’s work explores recurring themes of art and science; the human body; emotion; and the perception

Black Dots
陸超 | 黑點

LU CHAO Black Dots  陸超 |黑點  07/03/2019 – 11/05/2019 HdM GALLERY – 1st Floor, 42 Conduit Street, Mayfair, London W1S 2YH   This Spring ‘Black Dots’ by Lu Chao will be present at HdM GALLERY. The sixth instalment in a range of sequential exhibitions exploring the colour black, ‘Black Dots’ continues Lu Chao’s trademark investigation into issues

Franz West and His Punk Aesthetic

Tate Modern 2/20/19–6/2/19 Ironic, irreverent, yet profoundly philosophical, Franz West was a key figure of European art in the late 20th century. Franz West by Tate Modern will be the first posthumous retrospective and the most comprehensive survey of the artist’s work ever staged in the UK.   Franz West (1947–2012) brought a punk aesthetic into

Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams

Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams Supported by Swarovski The Sainsbury Gallery 2 February – 14 July 2019 | #DiorDesignerofDreams Couture gowns worn by Princess Margaret, Margot Fonteyn and Jennifer Lawrence to go on display at the V&A for largest ever Christian Dior exhibition in the UK. In February 2019, the V&A opens the largest

Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up

Victoria and Albert Museum 16 June – 4 November 2018 This summer, the V&A will explore how Frida Kahlo (b. 1907), one of the most recognised and significant artists and women of the 20th century, fashioned her identity. Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up will be the first exhibition outside of Mexico to display her

Thomas Cole: Eden to Empire

The National Gallery 11 June – 7  October 2018 Known for epic vistas, dramatic natural settings, and imaginative landscapes, Thomas Cole’s work depicts nature at its most powerful and vulnerable. His paintings glory in the unique terrain of the American Northeast – largely still unspoiled in his time – while serving as a cautionary tale

Shape of Light

Tate Modern 2 May – 14 October 2018 A major new exhibition at Tate Modern reveals the intertwined stories of photography and abstract art. Shape of Light: 100 Years of Photography and Abstract Art is the first show of this scale to explore photography in relation to the development of abstraction, from the early experiments of the

Rodin and the Art of Ancient Greece

Auguste Rodin (1840 – 1917) was one of the greatest and most innovative sculptors of the modern era. However, it is little known that Rodin took his inspiration, in large part, from the works of the fifth-century BC sculptor Pheidias who is known as the artist who conceived the Parthenon sculptures. This April, the British Museum will present works by Rodin in a new light and explore how he admired the art of antiquity, particularly that of ancient Greece. Supported by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, this exhibition will reveal how Rodin regularly travelled to London and visited the British Museum to sketch and seek inspiration.

Picasso 1932 – Love, Fame, Tragedy
畢加索 1932 — 愛、名譽和悲劇

Tate Modern 8 March – 9 September 2018 45 years after the artist’s death, Tate Modern stages its first ever solo exhibition of Pablo Picasso’s work, one of the most ambitious shows in the museum’s history. The EY Exhibition: Picasso 1932 – Love, Fame, Tragedy takes visitors on a month-by-month journey through 1932, a time so pivotal

Monet & Architecture

In a landmark show at the National Gallery in spring 2018 – the first purely Monet exhibition to be staged in London for more than twenty years – there is a unique and surprising opportunity to discover the artist as we have never seen him before.

Joan Jonas

Tate Modern 14 March-5 August 2018 Tate Modern presents the largest survey of Joan Jonas’s work ever held ini the UK. Jonas is regarded as a pre-eminent figure in contemporary performance who continues to influence a younger generation of artists. This immersive exhibition celebrates Joan Jonas’s art works over the last five decades, uniting some

All Too Human

A landmark exhibition at Tate Britain celebrates how artists have captured the intense experience of life in paint. All Too Human: Bacon, Freud and a Century of Painting Life will showcase around 100 works by some of the most celebrated modern British artists, with Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon at its heart.

Andreas Gursky

The Hayward Gallery stages the first major retrospective in a UK institution of the work of acclaimed German photographer Andreas Gursky (Germany, 1955). Widely regarded as one of the most significant photographers of our time, Gursky is known for his large-scale, often spectacular pictures that portray emblematic sites and scenes of the global economy and

Monochrome: Painting in Black and White

Kazimir Malevich Black Square, 1929 Oil on canvas, 80 x 80 cm © The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

This autumn, the National Gallery presents a journey through a world of shadow and light: Monochrome: Painting in Black and White. With more than fifty painted objects created over 700 years, it is a radical new look at what happens when artists cast aside the colour spectrum and focus on the visual power of black,

Dalí / Duchamp
達利 / 杜尚

Dalí / Duchamp is the first exhibition to present the art of two of the twentieth century’s most famous artists in exclusive dialogue.

Matisse in the Studio

This summer, the Royal Academy of Arts presents Matisse in the Studio, the first exhibition to consider how the personal collection of treasured objects of Henri Matisse (1869-1954) were both subject matter and inspiration for his work. To reveal the working processes by which these pieces were transformed in his oeuvre, around 35 objects are displayed alongside 65 of Matisse’s paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints and cut-outs.

Emma Hart: Mamma Mia!

Emma Hart, who won the sixth edition of the Max Mara Art Prize for Women, brings her large-scale installation Mamma Mia! into the Whitechapel Gallery. After a six-month bespoke residency in Italy, Hart presents a family of large ceramic, jug-like luminous heads, which are cut off below the nose but reveal a mouth that projects

RAPHAEL: The Drawings

120 works by Raphael from international collections shows at the Ashmolean from 1 June to 3 September 2017. The exhibition RAPHAEL: THE DRAWINGS includes fifty works from the Ashmolean’s own collection, which becomes the largest and most important group of Raphael drawings in the world.

A Handful of Dust

Whitechapel Gallery presents A Handful of Dust, bringing together artworks and documents, tracing a visual journey through the motif of dust from aerial reconnaissance, wartime destruction and natural disasters to domestic dirt and forensics.

Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power

Tate Modern presents an exhibition: Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power from 12 July to 22 October. Tracing a series of creative artworks among African-American artists form 1963 to 1983, featuring more than 150 works, many on display in the UK for the first time, Soul of a Nation provides an opportunity to see how American cultural identity was re-shaped at a time of social unrest and political struggle.

documenta 14

June 10, 2017, the documenta 14 exhibition opens in Kassel. Over 160 international artists present works conceived for documenta 14 at more than thirty different sites, public institutions, squares, cinemas, and university locations.

Wolfgang Tillmans 2017

Wolfgang Tillmans has earned recognition as one of the most exciting and innovative artists working today. Tate Modern presents an exhibition concentrating on his production across different media since 2003. First rising to prominence in the 1990s for his photographs of everyday life and contemporary culture, Tillmans has gone on to work in an ever greater variety of media and has taken an increasingly innovative approach to staging exhibitions. Tate Modern brings this variety to the fore, offering a new focus on his photographs, video, digital slide projections, publications, curatorial projects and recorded music.

NORTH OF X : The Age of Digital / Analogue
專訪呂思斯(NORTH OF X):模擬/數字化時代

他的作品要用頂級視聽設備享受才過癮,如果有幸能看現場,你一定會發現他的執著就與這些作品一般宏大。作為著名視覺音樂節Sonica裡唯一一位華人藝術家,呂思斯的作品有著某種魔性,每一幀圖像都如壁紙般壯麗,讓人過目(耳)不忘。我們先來看看highlight: ART.ZIP:《模擬/數字化時代(The Age of Digital / Analogue)》是一個結合聲音與影像的一個現場表演,你能給我們簡述一下這個課題嗎? LSS: 這是一場50分鐘的現場表演,整個作品以音樂形式作為載體,通過13首不同主題的音樂配合不同主題的視覺影像來創造一個空間體驗。這個課題圍繞著現代社會的數字模擬體現而展開,通過新舊媒體的結合與切換來表達兩者間的衝突,在視覺上呈現了許多自然與工業的元素,我想這是跟我從小成長起來的環境有關係。我在內蒙古長大,父親在工廠工作,所以成長環境脫離不了同時對草原和對機械的喜歡,與此同時,我也看著環境一步一步地發生變化,因此我經常會思考工業與自然之間的微妙關係。後來我到了英國格拉斯哥大學學習視覺傳達設計。蘇格蘭俱有悠久的工業發展歷史,所以工業革命的歷史痕跡在城市裡隨處可見。自然而然地,我便想要深入研究這個關於工業與自然關係的課題,從而嘗試一些有趣的創作。很幸運地,我遇到了一位很好的導師,他鼓勵我去嘗試各種形式的創作,聲音、動畫、以及各類影像技術等,我都是在那時候自己開始嘗試結合的。 2011年我到了倫敦,參加了Sky Academy的全國比賽,幸運地獲得了三萬鎊的獎學金,同時也獲得了英格蘭藝術委員會Arts Council和眾籌項目Kickstarter的資金支持,然後我與幾個好朋友組成的小型團隊就花了兩年多將近三年的時間走遍了英國各地,拍攝了很多不同時期以及不同類型的工廠與機械,新的和舊的都有,從中看到了各式各樣的產業,還有走進了許多擁有英國本土自然地貌比較有代表的地方採景以及錄音。拍攝完以後我再嘗試把自然和工業兩者結合起來,通過採集來的機器的聲音,重新編輯來體現他們各自的“性格”,最後以音樂和視頻的形式來體現一個國家的工業發展和自然環境的關係。我希望用這樣的新語言讓年輕人去嘗試接觸這些過去的歷史文化,因為這些機器真的很酷。做這個課題的過程當中我有過很多掙扎和思考,之前預想好的計劃被自己不停地推翻了,作了許多自我挑戰和批評,所以對自己來說這也是一個很好的探索過程,而每一次演出都有新的變化,都是為了完善這個作品而作出新的互動和挑戰。 ART.ZIP: 你所用的語言在形式上很“抓人眼球”,但在形式背後,你的出發點是什麼? LSS:在現在這個信息過度的時代,留給一個作品的機會很有限,所以我在形式上希望能容易被觀眾接受,用年輕人的語言和用流行文化的表達手法來帶出我的研究課題。紀錄不是我最後想要呈現的形式,當然在拍攝這些工廠和自然的過程中我們遇到了很多有趣的事,所以除了演出以外還會發展幕後的製作花絮。譬如我和拍攝團隊在蘇格蘭深山裡拍攝了五天五夜,參天大樹很多,但是只碰上了兩只青蛙和一隻鹿。其實在200多年前的工業革命時期,人們把山裡的樹都砍光用於製造鋼鐵,生態系統自然就被破壞了。多年後人們開始注意到環境問題才重新開始種植樹木,現在那些重新種植的樹木也已經長成了參天大樹,山裡人跡罕至,動物也不多,這樣幽深的環境背後的故事是工業革命帶來的後果,毀滅再恢復。我們這一代年輕人可能感覺工業革命離我們太遙遠了,但當這些真實的證據就展現在我們面前的時候,我們都被震撼了,這些親身體驗比看紀錄片來得震撼得多。可是環境問題不是我們口頭說說就可以的,人類要生存,但同時也要考慮到環境的問題。在我看來,我們需要做的是給兩者提供一個平衡,保護環境,發展工業,同時也要發展新科技來協調環保問題,從而達到一個平衡的循環。 ART.ZIP: 你對自己的定位是什麼? LSS:我覺得我是一個以設計師思維邏輯來表達想法的創作者。我做的作品涵蓋了很多視覺和聽覺和現場體驗的元素,我只是運用科技手段來更無縫地整合我的想法,來進行一個概念表達。可是我的理念有時候又很設計師思維,雖然我不會拿一個“客戶”的簡報來發展創意,我喜歡由自己主動去表達想法。我通常會提前對課題進行大量的研究,然後再在這個基礎上找到自己感興趣的點去發展。 ART.ZIP: 你是怎麼看待數字藝術的? LSS:對我來說,數字藝術更類似於這個時代的當代藝術形式,它代表了一種獨一無二的態度。最初大家在嘗試數字藝術的時候也許因為形式很新穎,很酷炫,但隨著科技的發展,當初的“新”已經不“新”了,作品的內涵才是最重要的。所以我開始慢慢弱化數字藝術的概念。比如說,我的作品是建立在受到很大電影影像的基礎上的,並且我融入很多數字藝術的部分,嘗試各種大膽的失真與破壞效果,可是當我看完第一場演出彩排錄像的時候,我開始懷疑自己是不是只是為了追求形式才而相對的忽略了本身內容傳達的重要性了。我減去了很多並不是非常服務於內容的效果,因為有些時候它的故意炫技其實抹去了內容本身。儘管如此,作品的演出效果還是能感受到很多數字藝術的部分。我覺得數字藝術是很好的表現形式,但內容本身才是決定作品好壞的關鍵。 ART.ZIP: 演出的時候遇上過技術問題嗎?你怎麼看待這樣技術故障和藝術形式之間的矛盾? LSS:技術故障不是第一次了,我認為也不是不專業的表現。現場演出更像是我在操作一台多元的機器,我叫她“巨陣”,它是由很多不同媒體鏈接起來的,電腦,各類控制器,以及數字化的效果器或是幾十年前的模擬視覺/聲音模塊等等,把這些不同的技術同時應用在我創建的機器上會出現很多意想不到的結果,意外也難以避免,這更像是一個機器磨合的過程,也是演出本身的一部分。我的素材都是按照電影的流程來要求的,400多條電影片段,需要在真實時間同步呈現2k的質量,同時還需要聲音的同步以及不同合成器和模塊的配合,這對硬件和軟件來說都是一個很大的挑戰,所以當我編輯好程序搭建完這個平台後,我不知道現場會有怎樣意想不到的效果,對我來說那是一個挑戰。我喜歡作品與觀眾的互動,每一次現場都會有不一樣的效果,因為觀眾在台下的反饋可以與表演產生更有趣的互動,而且在現場的不可預知性可以讓我對自己的作品作出不一樣的理解。我需要這個交流的過程, 我希望通過現場的觀眾的互動去刺激這個作品而去改進,這種開放性是我期待看到的。 ART.ZIP: 有一些反饋說你的作品效果很酷炫,缺少藝術性,看起來有點商業化。你怎麼看待這種評價? LSS:我覺得有不同的聲音是一定的。不可否認我的作品所呈現出來的效果對有些人來說是“酷炫”的,但我並沒有感覺這有什麼不好,這不像是在拍紀錄片需要嚴肅認真地呈現真實的過去,對我來說這是個人主觀的的創作,自己先爽肯定是排第一位的,當然我也很希望大家看過聽過後都有同樣的感受。我相信未來會有更多的發展延伸,這個課題還會持續進行的。幸運的是這個課題容量很大,而且我真的對這個課題很喜歡,我一直認為要打動別人的前提是先要打動自己。 Find out more:  呂思斯是一位來自內蒙古的新生代藝術家,現旅居倫敦。他的作品通常是以現場表演、動態影像、電影、作曲、設計和裝置相結合的形式呈現。其代表作為《模擬/數字化時代(The Age of Digital / Analogue)》,藝術家著眼於英國的文化遺產,串連起過去與現在,創造出一段工業和自然交織的視聽之旅。 呂思斯的天賦得到了天空藝術學院(Sky Academy)和紐約創意文化節(New York Festival)的肯定,身為第二屆三萬英鎊藝術創作基金得主的他,於2014年被英國王儲查爾斯王子以及康沃爾夫人卡蜜拉接見。 此外,他也多次受邀為捷豹路虎汽車品牌(Jaguar Land Rover)、英國廣播公司(BBC)、天空艺术(Sky Arts)創作,同時擔任王海震品牌的倫敦和上海時裝秀的創意總監和音乐制作人。“NORTH OF X”是他的舞台別名,同時他也是樂隊“Forest Rising”和“M_d_P_h_N/魔登破壞念”的創意總監和重要成員之一。 LU-SISI.COM NORTHOFX.COM The team Director and sound

Robert Rauschenberg

1 December 2016 – 2 April 2017
Tate Modern’s major exhibition of the work of Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008), organised in collaboration with The Museum of Modern Art in New York, will be the first posthumous retrospective and the most comprehensive survey of the artist’s work for 20 years.

Anselm Kiefer|Walhalla

White Cube London Bermondsey presents an exhibition by Anselm Kiefer featuring new, large-scale installation, sculpture and painting. Titled ‘Walhalla’, the exhibition refers to the mythical place in Norse mythology, a paradise for those slain in battle, as well as to the Walhalla neo-classical monument, built by Ludwig I King of Bavaria in 1842 to honour heroic figures in German history.

Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism 24 September 2016 — 2 January 2017 The Royal Academy of Arts The Royal Academy of Arts presents the first major exhibition of Abstract Expressionism to be held in the UK in almost six decades. With over 150 paintings, sculptures and photographs from public and private collections across the world, this ambitious exhibition


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