Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?

The first major exhibition exploring the relationship between graphic design and health opens at Wellcome Collection in September 2017. Comprising some 200 objects including hardhitting posters, flashing pharmacy signs, and digital teaching aids, Can Graphic Design Save Your Life? considers the role of graphic design in constructing and communicating healthcare messages around the world and shows how graphic design has been used to persuade, to inform and to empower.

The exhibition considers the persuasive strategies employed in shaping public perceptions around smoking, featuring luxuriant advertising campaigns from the 1980s. It also reveals the imaginative educational approaches taken to instruct us about our bodies, from 16th century anatomical pop-up books to 21st century apps, through to comic books advocating safe sex. The role that design plays in informing and orientating people in medicalised spaces is also explored. These include the use of brightly coloured design schemes in children’s wards to transform the hospital experience and improve patient wellbeing in settings traditionally considered to be intimidating and unpleasant.

The exhibition covers corporate identity in the pharmaceutical industry, and considers how graphic designers deliver clear healthcare instructions to consumers through carefully designed colour coding systems, written instructions and pill packaging. The front-line response in battling epidemics continues to be crucial in global health. Renaissance plague notices and Victorian quarantine bills are displayed alongside global public health campaigns sparked by the emergence of HIV/AIDS in the 1980s and Ebola and Zika in Africa and Brazil respectively in the last few years.

The final part of the exhibition considers how graphic design can empower people and provoke an individual response. Inspired by a contemporary reimagining of Ken Garland’s First Things First manifesto (1964), this section includes powerful campaigns focused on raising awareness of breast cancer, and other complex conditions.

第一個探討平面設計與健康之間關係的大型展覽 《平面設計可以拯救你的生命嗎?》 將於2017年9月在惠康收藏館開幕。該展覽匯集了包括措辭激烈的海報、閃爍的藥店標誌和數字化的教學器材在內近200件物品,展現了平面設計在世界各地構建和傳播衛生保健信息方面的作用,以及它如何被用於說服、宣傳和賦權。




展覽場地:Wellcome Collection 惠康收藏館
展覽時間:07 September 2017 – 14 January 2018


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