ART.ZIP Issue 4

Many of us are fond of seeing large-scale exhibitions by prominent artists in museums. This is indeed an alternative way to have a quick clue about history of art. However, due to the nature of museum, only those established artists are selected to exhibit their artworks in museums. So we may sometimes find the arts in museums too conventional, and get tired of them easily. Where on earth can we find the fresh and thought-provoking arts? I would personally recommend commercial galleries, for these galleries are more willing to scout for as well as present potential and prospective artists that may seem weird and provocative at one glance. It is this quirky new art form that stimulates the art market and encourages any responses. In this issue, we pick some galleries that caught our eyes in Britain and China, all of which have tight relations with Chinese contemporary art. Hopefully the features would help you know more about gallery industry in Britain and China. Enjoy the issue!



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