Decade of Elegance: The V&A Museum Witnessed Charlene Classic’s Ten Years of Splendour

Charlene Classic celebrated the grand finale of its 10th-anniversary exhibition “The Jewellery Art of Bamboo Fan” at the Victoria & Albert Museum with unparalleled elegance. This event not only underscored Charlene Classic’s esteemed position as a pioneer in Chinese luxury jewellery but also showcased its mastery in weaving enchanting Chinese narratives with Oriental aesthetics, captivating

All Too Human: Bacon, Freud and a Century of Painting Life

A landmark exhibition at Tate Britain on 28th February 2018, celebrates how artists have captured the intense experience of life in paint. All Too Human: Bacon, Freud and a Century of Painting Life will showcase around 100 works by some of the most celebrated modern British artists, with Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon at its heart. It will reveal how their art ...


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