Decade of Elegance: The V&A Museum Witnessed Charlene Classic’s Ten Years of Splendour

Charlene Classic celebrated the grand finale of its 10th-anniversary exhibition “The Jewellery Art of Bamboo Fan” at the Victoria & Albert Museum with unparalleled elegance. This event not only underscored Charlene Classic’s esteemed position as a pioneer in Chinese luxury jewellery but also showcased its mastery in weaving enchanting Chinese narratives with Oriental aesthetics, captivating a global audience. The exhibition was a testament to a decade of Charlene Classic’s innovative journey, magnifying its profound influence across the international stage.

Charlene Classic Exhibition @ V&A Museum. Photo by Rod Kirkpatrick © Charlene Classic

Hosted at the 170-year-old Victoria & Albert Museum, a beacon of art and design, the exhibition unveiled a deep-seated synergy between Charlene Classic and the museum. United by a shared passion for design, creativity, and the enrichment of cultural knowledge, this collaboration attracted the attention of the international press, celebrated artists and global visitors, all mesmerized by Charlene Classic’s unique Oriental allure and groundbreaking presentation.

Historically revered by Chinese scholars and connoisseurs, the fan symbolizes not just refined taste but also serves as a medium for personal expression. Originating from Charlene Classic’s bespoke high jewelry – Landscape Fan Collection for the Palace Museum in 2017, the Fan Collection draws from ancient masterpieces, encapsulating the soul of Oriental culture within the delicate expanse of 1 cm².

Charlene Classic Exhibition @ V&A Museum. Photo by Rod Kirkpatrick © Charlene Classic

Tracing its roots back over 3,000 years, popularized during the Han Dynasty (206 BC – AD 220), the Chinese fan, including the simplistic bamboo and the intricate cattail-leaf varieties, carries a rich tapestry of history. Charlene’s Bamboo Fan Collection, with its vibrant emeralds and unparalleled craftsmanship, intricately designs a vivid bamboo forest, breathing life into each piece through sophisticated artistry and symbolism.

As visitors step into the “Bamboo Grove,” they are immediately enveloped in an immersive ambiance, where the circular jewellery display, accompanied by the ambient sounds of rustling leaves and whispering breezes, transports them to a tranquil bamboo forest. This experience is heightened by the interplay of light and shadow, as well as live perfomance of Chinese traditional instrument Guzheng, creating a serene yet dynamic representation of nature’s beauty.

The exhibition’s crown jewel, the high jewellery Bamboo Fan Collection, inspired by the ethereal ink bamboo in literati paintings, elegantly retains classic “fan” elements while delving deep into the philosophical essence of Oriental aesthetics. Launched in 2023 and previously adorned with both the Special Award and Designer Award at the Everson Museum in the United States, this collection stands as a beacon of cultural and artistic fusion.

About the Founder

After graduating from one of China’s most prestigious universities, Charlene Li rapidly rose to prominence within the finance industry. Despite a smoothly progressing career, Charlene, at the pivotal age of 30, took the unexpected step of departing from her well-established path in finance to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. This bold move raised eyebrows among many of her peers and observers, who had witnessed Charlene’s successful trajectory and her fervent dedication to her profession. In an interview, Charlene explained: “Some may perceive it as a whimsical leap, but for me, it’s the culmination of three decades of perseverance aiming for a moment of rebirth. Reaching a milestone age, I found myself fully equipped and ready to forge my own enterprise. This time, however, I sought not the allure of quick financial gains but a deeper, more meaningful pursuit in the art of jewellery, choosing it as the compass for my future endeavours.”

Over the last decade, Charlene Classic Jewellery has carved out a distinguished presence both in China and on the international stage. Through a journey that intricately blends culture and art, Charlene and her team have infused each creation with layers of deep significance. As they look to the future, their vision extends beyond the pursuit of aesthetic perfection. Charlene aspires to strike a harmonious balance between preserving cultural heritage and pioneering innovation, crafting a legacy that respects tradition while boldly stepping into the new.

中國高級珠寶品牌軒靈 (Charlene Classic) 十週年全球藝術巡展「竹影韶華 軒呈雅扇 」在英國維多利亞與艾爾伯特博物館 (Victoria & Albert Museum) 圓滿落幕。此次展覽不僅彰顯了軒靈珠寶作為東方美學的領航者,在全球舞台上講述中國故事的文化盛事,也象徵著軒靈作為一個東方珠寶品牌勇於改寫全世界對中國品牌的印象。藝術與珠寶的融合展現了東方美學創新演繹的精髓,更是軒靈十年創新曆程的輝煌見證。

在擁有170多年歷史的英國V&A博物館這座藝術殿堂中,軒靈以其獨特的東方魅力及創新的現場佈置吸引了來自全球的國際媒體、藝術家和嘉賓。軒靈珠寶與 V&A 博物館默契與共,它們共同提倡創意與設計的力量以推動當代文化藝術的發展。 此次展覽的亮點為軒靈“大雅仁風·竹影留翠”系列,該系列的靈感源自2017年在故宮首發的大雅仁風·故宮系列仁風扇,展現了對東方美學深刻的理解和探索。




Founder of Charlene Classic : Charlene Li 軒靈珠寶創始人李曉菱


Charlene Li (李曉菱)從中國最頂尖的學府畢業後迅速在金融界顯露頭角。儘管職業發展一帆風順,但在30歲時,Charlene決定離開自己所熟悉的領域,轉而追求創業的道路。這個決定對於很多人來說都很意外,因為大家都看到了Charlene職業生涯的順利與她對工作的熱情。Charlene在採訪中解釋道:「很多人覺得我是一時衝動,但我知道,30年的努力就是為了這一刻的重新出發。而立之年,我終於感到有能力來創立自己的事業。只是這一次,我並不想選擇一個快速盈利的行業,而是選擇探索感性而美麗的珠寶藝術來作為自己未來人生努力的方向。」




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