Liste Art Fair Basel 2022
2022 瑞士巴塞爾 Liste 藝術博覽會

Messe Basel, Hall 1.1 13 – 19 June 2022 The renowned Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland attracts unrivalled attention from the art world every year, but right next door sits Liste, an art hub just as worth exploring. Liste Art Fair Basel 2022 took place for the second time in Hall 1.1 of Messe Basel,

Hunsand Space: Qiu Shijie @Hong Kong Art Basel 2019

讓“認知”顯形的過程是仇世傑近幾年一直在探索的語言方式,而如何認知“今天的我們”也是仇世傑最近一直關註的問題。作為中國本土藝術家,仇世傑將認知經由材料、空間、敘事、形式意味之間的關系傳遞給觀眾。與此同時仇世傑並沒有把主體完全交代給物質材料和造型本身,而更多信任自己的日常經驗與能力,保持了對環境極高的警惕感。 Qiu Shijie’s project is a series of twelve artworks that revolve around the ways of perceiving and visualizing. The process of visualizing perception has been Qiu Shijie’s consistent inquiry. He explores its possibilities through the sculpture and installation, and as an artist based in China, his conceptions of material in relation to his immediate


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