Liste Art Fair Basel 2022
2022 瑞士巴塞爾 Liste 藝術博覽會

Messe Basel, Hall 1.1
13 – 19 June 2022

The renowned Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland attracts unrivalled attention from the art world every year, but right next door sits Liste, an art hub just as worth exploring. Liste Art Fair Basel 2022 took place for the second time in Hall 1.1 of Messe Basel, from 13-19 June 2022.

Founded in 1996 by gallerists Eva Presenhuber and Peter Kilchman, Liste annually showcases the latest trends and emerging practices in contemporary art, thus making it an ideal place to discover the newest names in the industry. For visitors, who range from professionals to anyone interested in art, Liste is analogous to “experiencing international artistic positions that are not only focused on the present but are also creating it”.

This year, the fair features 111 artists, 82 galleries from 37 countries, including 20 first-time attendees such as Bel Ami from Los Angeles; Hot wheels from Athens; CLC Gallery Venture from Beijing; from Bogotá; Harlesden High Street from London; among others. Apart from experiencing art physically, Liste also offers the opportunity of a virtual experience through Liste Showtime Online, a digital art fair; and Liste Expedition Online, a digital research forum and artist index presenting the most significant and up-to-date positions in contemporary art around the world.

Highlight exhibitions include those of returning galleries like Bombon, presenting Barcelonian Eva Fàbregas’s erotic and seductively playful abstract sculptures; Zuza Golińska’s steel sculptures brought by Piktogram. Nevertheless, one could neither miss the freshest artists, such as the intricately detailed still lifes by Chinese artist Nova Jiang; Tosh Basco, who presses her makeup and painted body onto a canvas, comparable to the “body prints” by celebrated postwar American artist David Hammons.



Liste invites institutions, magazines, and projects to present special programs each year. For 2022, the program introduced “I Never Read, Bookshop”; HEK’s (House of Electronic Arts) site-specific installation by Eva Papamargariti; works of Neda Saeedi, Jason Mohaghegh and Asad Khan by the Pejman Foundation; and “The Lucky Barn”, an interactive bar designed and run by the artists Jeronim Horvat, Maya Hottarek, and Lukas Stäuble.

On top of that, the fair shed light on one of the most devastating events of this year, the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war. As a way of supporting Ukraine and those affected, Liste invited Ukrainian galleries such as The Naked Room and Voloshyn, as well as promoted a film program titled “The Sky Is Getting Closer”. It features 19 films by young Ukrainian artists whose topics not only raise awareness about the political and social implications of the war but also present a collective memory of heritage through art.

Once again, Liste has not disappointed art enthusiasts, as besides bringing to the audience remarkable discoveries and the latest tendencies in contemporary art, the fair has also demonstrated its values and attitude towards social issues.

展覽地點:Messe Basel 1.1 展廳
展覽時間: 2022年6月13日 – 19日

瑞士巴塞爾著名的巴塞爾藝術展每年都吸引著藝術界無與倫比的關注,但隔壁的 Liste 是一個同樣值得探索的藝術中心。 Liste 藝術博覽會於 2022 年 6 月 13 日至 19 日第二次在 Messe Basel 1.1 展廳舉行。

Liste 由畫廊主 Eva Presenhuber 和 Peter Kilchman 於 1996 年創立,每年都會展示當代藝術的最新趨勢和新興實踐,從而使其成為發現業內最有潛力的藝術家的理想場所。對於專業人士或任何對藝術感興趣的人來說,Liste 類似於“一個體驗國際藝術立場的地方,不僅關注現在,而且還在創造藝術的未來”。

今年的藝博會共有 111 位藝術家,來自 37 個國家的 82 家畫廊參加,其中包括 20 位首次參與者,例如來自洛杉磯的 Bel Ami,雅典的 Hot wheels,北京的 CLC Gallery Venture,波哥大的,倫敦的 Harlesden High Street 等等。

除了親身體驗藝術外,Liste 還通過數字藝術博覽會 Liste Showtime Online 提供虛擬體驗的機會, 以及 Liste Expedition Online—— 一個數字研究論壇和藝術家索引,展示了世界各地當代藝術中最重要和最新的趨勢。

重點展覽包括一些再次回歸展覽的畫廊,比如,Bombon 展示的是巴塞羅那藝術家 (Eva Fàbregas) 誘人俏皮的抽象雕塑; Piktogram 帶來的是 Zuza Golińska 的鋼鐵雕塑。 同時,我們也不能錯過新生藝術家,例如來自中國的 Nova Jiang, 她細緻入微的靜物作品,以及 Tosh Basco,她將自己的妝容和身體塗抹在畫布上,類似於戰後美國著名藝術家 David Hammons 的身體拓印(body prints)。

Liste 每年都會邀請機構、雜誌和項目展示特別節目。 2022 年,該計劃引入了 “我從不閱讀,書店(I Never Read,Bookshop )”,Eva Papamargariti 的電子藝術之家HEK現場特定裝置,Pejman 基金會的 Neda Saeedi、Jason Mohaghegh 和 Asad Khan 的作品,以及 “幸運穀倉(The Lucky Barn)”,一個由藝術家 Jeronim Horvat、Maya Hottarek 和 Lukas Stäuble 設計和經營的互動酒吧。

展會尤其揭示了今年最具破壞性的事件之一,即正在進行的俄烏戰爭。作為對烏克蘭的一種支持方式,Liste 邀請了 The Naked Room 和 Voloshyn 等烏克蘭畫廊,並放映了一個名為《天空越來越近(The Sky Is Getting Closer)》的電影節目。該節目收錄了19部烏克蘭年輕藝術家的電影,這些主題電影不僅提高了人們對政治戰爭和社會影響的認識,而且還通過藝術展示了對烏克蘭文化和歷史的集體記憶。

2022年得Liste 沒有讓藝術愛好者失望,除了為觀眾帶來了當代藝術的非凡發現和最新趨勢外,展會還展示了其對社會問題的價值觀和態度。


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