15 Folds

INTERVIEWED AND TRANSLATED BY 採訪及翻譯 x KE QIWEN 柯淇雯 嗨, 我们是ART.ZIP~ 嗨, 我是馬戈特; 嗨呀,我是肖恩(西班牙语) 你們為什麼叫 “15Folds”? 我們參考了一個超現實主義的遊戲“精美屍首exquisite corpse”,那是遊戲中折紙的部分… 成立的初衷是什麼? 因為大家都很熱愛網絡文化和網絡迷因。 每個的主題都有什麼? 6月的主題叫做“對立/文化”——將地下文化和主流文化混合在一起,用數字化的方式呈現。 是通過公開徵件還是有特定的人選呢?作品的選擇標準是什麼? 兩者都有吧。我們收到了很多人的來稿,同時我們也會根據當月主題尋找適合的藝術家溝通合作。 你們視自己為畫廊空間嗎? 是的,我們是基於網絡的畫廊空間,受眾就是這些網絡藝術群體。 為什麼GIF圖像會作為藝術作品脫穎而出呢? 因為它是我們這代人的創作語言。 為什麼GIF圖像能在網絡世界造成轟動呢? 你會被循環播放模式洗腦,再加上GIF文件又很小,傳播起來很方便。 如今你們的網站正在維護中,會有什麼大動作嗎? 我們正在完善用戶體驗,希望帶給觀眾更好的藝術觀賞體驗。 接下來你們有什麼好玩的項目嗎? 我們將在哥本哈根的Trailerpark.Io藝術節上分享“15Folds”的故事,這是我們期待已久的! 謝謝!  

Path to Curating

The importance of curation did not come to me at first from a contemporary art exhibition but an exhibition The Silk Road(2004) in British Library. At that time, I was for the first time clearly aware that curation can express substantial information in such a graceful and fantastic manner, and that a curator is able to render such a complex content into a well-organized exhibition language and convey the very idea of exhibition by means of multidimensional and diverse presentations.

The Stories We Tell – Performance Artists As Curators

In many cases artists whose practice is predominantly performance based, are recognised by the autobiographical tone of their work. Using identity as a primary credential, this article will address the consequence and expectations in terms of how certain performance artists are often framed, marketed and dramatically characterised within the wider discourse; a path that

Artist Take On Curating—Interviews with Hayward Artists

At the time of preparing this issue, the Hayward Gallery, London presents an exhibition HISTORY IS NOW: 7 Artists Take On Britain which is curated by 7 artists including John Akomfrah, Simon Fujiwara, Roger Hiorns, Hannah Starkey, Richard Wentworth, and Jane & Louise Wilson. Working with Dr Cliff Lauson, Hayward Gallery Curator, each artist was invited to curate a section of the exhibition, looking at particular periods of cultural history from 1945 to the present day.

A Brief History of Curating

An interesting attempt, through a number of interviews with veteran curators Hans Ulrich Obrist drafts in this book a deliberately fragmentary history of curating, full of amusing stories and anecdotes. The form of this peculiar book is outstandingly interesting, resonating with many philosophical and literary thematics of import.

第十三期 ISSUE 13
藝術策展人|Art Curator

“Curator” is a strange concept for most Chinese. In China, the word is often understood as its Chinese “equivalent” (Cezhanren) suggests—the one (ren) who plans (ce) the exhibition (zhan). However, the original meaning of “curator” as a borrowing word is never correctly conveyed in this translation. With the coming of the information era, a globalized and networking ...


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