The Brink

7th – 9th October, 2023 Ugly Duck   Frieze week is as popular as ever, drawing art enthusiasts and collectors from around the world. During this vibrant week, we’re excited to see a dynamic and highly talented team of young curators, Tiderip and their exhibition “The Brink”.  The team is making their mark on the

Frieze London and Masters 2016

Text by Jesc Bunyard Edited and Translated by Michelle Yu Image Courtesy of Frieze Yes, it’s that time again. Time for the madness of Frieze, when the London art calendar lurches into life and everyone heads for the Regent’s Park. 是的,一年一次的Frieze又來了,日曆上滿滿的藝術活動,安排不過來,也看不過來,但大家一定都會湧向Regent’s Park的Frieze Art Fair。 In addition to the Live section, which is always a firm

Frieze Art Fair & Frieze Masters
Frieze 藝術博覽會及大師作品展

Text and images by courtesy of Frieze Art Fair 圖文提供: Frieze藝術博覽會 11.10.2012 – 14.10.2012 October is the start of the contemporary art fair season in Europe and what better place to kick off events than London, with this year’s tenth edition of Frieze. Everyone’s favorite contemporary art showcase brings together of over 170 international commercial


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