Frieze Art Fair & Frieze Masters
Frieze 藝術博覽會及大師作品展

Text and images by courtesy of Frieze Art Fair

圖文提供: Frieze藝術博覽會

11.10.2012 – 14.10.2012

October is the start of the contemporary art fair season in Europe and what better place to kick off events than London, with this year’s tenth edition of Frieze. Everyone’s favorite contemporary art showcase brings together of over 170 international commercial galleries from 34 countries.

The spotlight is on the UK this year; with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics and the all-inclusive Cultural Olympiad being all hard acts to follow, Frieze will not be pulling any punches and has a few tricks up its sleeve. One of which, is the launch of Frieze Masters.

Frieze Masters is a carefully selected presentation of over 90 of the world’s leading galleries that give a unique contemporary perspective on art throughout the ages. Coinciding with, and within walking distance of Frieze London (the New York edition of Frieze, launched in May this year) the two fairs will make London the focus for as broad an international art audience as possible.

Once again housed in a bespoke temporary structure, resembling a long marquee, created by award winning architects Carmody Groake, the fair brings excitement and purpose to the immaculately maintained Royal Park.

In addition to the launch of Frieze Masters, Frieze London will feature a new section entitled Focus; a platform for galleries established after 2001, showing up to three artists each.

Galleries from China and Hong Kong included in this year’s Frieze are Long March Space, Bei-Jing, Vitamin Creative Space, Guangzhou and Osage, Hong Kong.

If you are going to visit only one fair this season, make it Frieze and Frieze Masters – there will be something for everyone’s taste.

11.10.2012 – 14.10.2012


今年,全球目光都聚焦在英國:女王的登基鑽禧,倫敦奧運會還有包容各方的文化奧林匹亞節都是今年的強力看點,Frieze藝術博覽會更是不遺餘力地使出渾身解數,其中最具亮點的,就是今年推出的Frieze Masters繪畫大師作品展。

Frieze Masters繪畫大師作品展精心挑選了90余家國際一線畫廊,這些畫廊多年來為當代藝術提供了與眾不同的視角。而且,Frieze London藝博會與Frieze Masters繪畫大師作品展的場館距離更是近在咫尺,這將使得倫敦成為國際藝術觀眾在今年秋天的首選遊覽勝地。

與以往一樣,藝博會的舉行還是在定製的臨時建築裡,這樣的臨時場館更像一個長期的金子招牌,由獲獎建築師卡莫迪·戈洛克(Carmody Groake)設計,此次的藝術博覽會將在精心裝扮過的攝政王花園迎接來自世界各地的買家和觀眾。

除了推出Frieze Masters繪畫大師作品展,Frieze London藝博會同樣有一個新的名為“聚焦(Focus)”的部分,這是一個專門為2001年後建立的畫廊準備的平台,每間畫廊可展出至多三位藝術家的作品。


如果今年秋天你只打算參觀一個藝術博覽會,那麼 Frieze藝博會和Frieze Masters繪畫大師作品展絕對是首選──那裡會有適合每個人口味的藝術。


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