In the burgeoning British contemporary theatre, we are attempting to achieve bringing up new voices, whether it is in a new writing scheme between Chinese and British artists, or short play performances by East Asian young writers, or young troupes concerning about feminine issue subjects, which are all about new writing but in different forms and themes.

Tian Qinxin·New Writing Project is led by Tian Qinxin, the well-known director of China National Theatre and deputy director of the Research Centre of Peking University. It is an international cultural exchange program, with the support of cultural prominent leaders, cooperated by Film and Television Drama Research Centre of Peking University, China National Theatre, Shanghai Drama Art Centre, Beijing Children’s Art Theatre Co. Ltd, Beijing University Pei Wen Education and Culture Co. Ltd. and the National Theatre of Scotland. This project, through cultural exchange and training, is aiming at cultivating Chinese young playwrights to the international standard, and to improve overall creativity of Chinese theatre plays, and to promote a further cultural exchange among international theatres. Ten potential candidates, after the seven-day screenwriting workshop training with British artists, were requested to create respectively a 45-minute short play within a day. And six finalists were selected to attend a two-week exchange activity of National Theatre of Scotland in the UK. The final scripts were realized on the stage in the first New plays from China season (A Play, a Pie and a Pint) held in the UK in April 2013. After this theatre play season, we are very honoured to invite the artists and participants of the project to share their experiences and thoughts.

在英國活躍的當代戲劇舞臺上,我們有目的地捕捉到了一些特別的聲音。 無論是中英藝術家合作的新寫作計劃,東亞青年作家的短篇劇本匯演, 還是關註女性題材的年輕劇團。同樣有關新寫作,話題卻豐富和多樣。

“田沁鑫·新寫作計劃”,是由中國國家話劇院著名導演、北京大學影視戲 劇研究中心副主任田沁鑫發起,文化界多位知名人士響應,北京大學影 視戲劇研究中心、中國國家話劇院、上海話劇藝術中心、北京兒童藝術劇 院股份有限公司、北大培文教育文化有限公司以及蘇格蘭國家劇院共同 合作主辦的國際文化培訓交流項目。該項目以國際間的文化培訓、交流 為主要方式,旨在培養具有國際水準的中國青年劇作家,提升中國戲劇 整體創作水平,促進國際間戲劇文化的深入交流。

經歷英國藝術家為期7天的“編劇工作坊”培訓後,10位入圍選手用一天時 間創作出一部時長約45分鐘的短劇,經過篩選,最終晉級的6名編劇將被 派往英國參加為期兩周的蘇格蘭國家劇院藝術家駐地交流活動。他們最 終創作的劇本在2013年4月被搬上舞臺,亮相在英舉辦的首個中國當代 戲劇季(“一個戲,一個派,一杯酒”)。我們有幸在戲劇季的演出後,邀請到 參與項目的部分藝術家和工作人員談談他們的經歷和感受。

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