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Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary presents:

The Current


A three-year exploratory fellowship program in the Pacific that takes creative practice out of the studio, science out of the lab, and the participants out of their comfort zones. Working collabo- ratively across disciplines in unpredictable environments, we challenge ourselves to imagine new processes of knowledge production.

TBA21 Augarten, Scherzergasse 1a, 1020, Vienna 20 November 2015

In 2015 TBA21 has intensified its focus on the urgent need to protect our natural resources and en- vironment, particularly the oceans. The foundation is pursuing this agenda by creating The Current, a tailor-made tool for commissioning and disseminating ambitious and unconventional projects that defy traditional art categories, reflecting the vision and approach of its founder and chairwoman, Francesca Habsburg.

“In spite of the unprecedented wealth of scientific information available, global environ- mental woes are still largely underestimated and poorly communicated. Art can be a powerful weapon if used well, by challenging us to reconsider the way we think, feel, and live instead of just conforming to the rules of the growing art market. After all, the next 10 years are going to be the most important in the next 10,000. Therefore it’s natural for me to invest everything at my disposal in becoming an agent of change.” (Francesca Habsburg)

“How do we empower people to take action and become agents of change? We bring makers from different disciplines out into the field, collecting a series of stories and different points of view. The Current recognizes that artists are magicians of communication: it seeks to create culture out of the traditional institution, focussing on knowledge production rather than art production.”
(Markus Reymann, Director, The Current)

The Current is the exploratory soul of TBA21.
The ocean and its coastal communities provides a singular arena in which sociopolitical, economic, and environmental factors converge with the spirit of exploration. The Current seeks to redefine the culture of exploration, exchange of ideas and discovery in the 21st century.

Organized in three-year cycles, The Current is a multiphase fellowship program that gives artists, curators, scientists, marine biologists, anthropologists, and other cultural producers a platform to cultivate interdisciplinary thought and transfer of knowledge. Embracing the notion of the journey as a goal in itself, participants in The Current will join an annual expedition on the research vessel Dardanella. Avoiding the structures of conventional conferences, think tanks, and residencies, The Current reimagines knowledge production and the methods through which we present, understand, and exchange ideas.

Structure and Timeline

In the spirit of TBA21’s aquatic heart, each three-year cycle is called The Current. Each Current
will be led by three guest curators (expedition leaders) selected by TBA21. Each expedition lead- er guides one expedition annually over the course of three years and proposes five participants (Fellows), who can take part in one or several expeditions throughout The Current. Each Fellow will participate in a 10- to 14-day expedition aboard the Dardanella. A small documentary film team will accompany each expedition. Participants will be able to use footage produced on board as a resource in the future if they so choose. Fellows then contribute to one public presentation, ideally over two to three days, informed by their experiences at sea and the joint fieldwork.

Current 1, 2015–18:
Current 1: Papua New Guinea I, September 30–October 9, 2015
Expedition leader: Ute Meta Bauer, founding Director of the NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Sin- gapore, a research center of Nanyang Technological University

Current 1: Papua New Guinea II, October 11-18, 2015
Expedition leader: Cesar Garcia, founding Director and chief curator of The Mistake Room, Los An- geles

Current 1: Polynesia, Spring 2016 Expedition leader: Damian Christinger

泰森-博尼米紮(Thyssen-Bornemisza )當代藝術推出了:“當前” ,知識產出的一個創新嘗試

一個為期三年的太平洋探險獎學金項目,使創新實踐走出工作室,科學研究走出實驗室以及參與者走出熟悉區域的一個項目。在一個跨學科的不可預知的環境領域中,挑戰我們自己, 去勾畫出一個新的知識產出和解決環境問題的方案。

第二十一屆聯合國氣候變化解決會議( COP21 Solutions) 將於2015年12月7日, 下午3點在法國巴黎的大皇宮舉行 (at Grand Palais)

在2015年,TBA21著重關注急需保護的自然資源和自然環境,特別是海洋的保護工作。該基金會創立了“當前”這個項目來推動該計劃的實施,這個大力宣傳,不同於以往傳統的特定項目,反映了其創始人和董事長弗朗西斯·哈布斯堡(Francesca Habsburg)對抗傳統文化範疇的觀點和態度。

“盡管現有的科學信息前所未有的豐富,令人擔憂的全球環境問題仍然在很大程度上被忽略和溝通不暢。如果藝術被使用得當,會成為我們的一個強有力的武器,挑戰我們去重新考慮 我們的思維方式,感受和生活,而不是僅僅符合日益增長的藝術市場的慣例。畢竟,未來的 十年對以後的萬年是非常最重要的。因此對我來說是很自然的去全力支持這個項目,並成為 一個革新的創始人” -弗朗西斯·哈布斯堡 (Francesca Habsburg)

“這個項目采用創新作為知識產出的觸發器:通過當今世上傑出的藝術家和科學家們的直接 參與其中,針對我們這個時代最迫切的話題,並依靠藝術家獨特溝通的力量,我們的目標是 盡可能的傳達到最廣泛的公眾,影響到他們和授權給他們,使他們成為改革的推動者”。- “當前”項目的董事長:馬庫斯·雷伊曼((Markus Reymann)

“當前”是TBA21探索項目的靈魂 海洋和沿海社區在社會政治,社會經濟和環境因素中,匯集並提供了一個獨特的探索性領域。 “當前”旨在重新定義二十一世紀的文化探索,思想交流和發現。

每三年組織一次的“當前”項目,是一個多項獎學金計劃,讓藝術家,策展人,科學家,海洋 生物學家,人類學家和其他文化產業者,以培養跨學科的思想和知識的轉移。把投入航行之 旅的概念作為目標,參與者將參加一年一度的探險科考航船Dardanella。避免傳統形式的會 議,智囊團和駐地居民的結構,“當前”通過我們的介紹,理解和意見交換,從新構想了知識的產出和方式。

組織結構和時間表 TBA21的“水域核心”旨意,每三年為一個周期稱為“當前”。每個“當前”由TBA21選出的三位嘉賓策展人領隊(探險隊領隊)。每一個探險領隊指令探險一年並選出五個參與者(隊員), 他們可以參與一個或多個“當前”的探險活動。每個隊員需要有十到十四天登Dardanella船的 探險經驗,一個小型的紀錄片團隊將參與每一次的探險,每個紀錄片團員需能使用他們選出來的船上的腳本以備將來使用。隊員們把海上和共同實地調查的情況,最好每兩到三天由一個公開的演講形式提供給大家。此外,TBA21將發布一個線上刊物,會包括所有合作的媒體,使“當前”能更廣泛的被公眾了解和更好的使其完善。

“當前” 1,2015-2018年:
”當前“ 1: 巴布亞新幾內亞 I,2015年9月30日-10月9日
“當前” 1: 土阿莫土群島, 2016年 7月1-15日
“金斯頓當前會議召開” 牙買加, 2016年 3月
探險領隊:烏特·邁特·鮑爾(Ute Meta Bauer),新加坡南洋理工大學當代藝術中心創始理 事,南洋理工大學研究中心

“當前” 1:巴布亞新幾內亞II,2015年10月11-18日
“當前”1: 馬克薩斯群島,2015年10月3-14日(待定)
“伊斯坦堡當前會議召開” ,2016年4月
探險領隊:塞薩爾·加西亞(Cesar Garcia),洛杉磯“錯誤房間”的創始人和首席策展人

“當前” 1: 斐濟, 2016年4月25日-5月8日 探險隊長:達米安·克裏斯廷爾(Damian Christinger)

TBA21 Academy

Founded in 2011 and headed by Markus Reymann, TBA21 Academy takes on the role of a moving platform of cultural production and interdisciplinary exchange within TBA21- Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary. On numerous expeditions between July, 2011 and August, 2015, the Academy invited artists, scientists and thinkers to embark on oceanic explorations. Inspired by this unusual encounter with both human and natural elements, the Academy commissions ambitious projects informed by the itinerary of the research vessel Dardanella. From October, 2015, the Academy has evolved into a multiphased fellowship called “TBA21 The Current”.

TBA21 Academy Expeditions and projects (Selection)

Treasure of Lima: A buried exhibition. March – November, 2014.
During a site-specific intervention on Isla del Coco, 550 kilometres off the coast of Costa Rica, a contemporary treasure chest was burried in a secret location. Designed by the New York based architect duo Arranda/Lasch, it contains works by artists such as Marina Abramovic, Doug Aitken, Angela Bulloch, Olafur Eliasson, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Pierre Huyghe, Carsten Nicolai, Matthew Ritchie, Ed Ruscha, Hans Schabus, Chicks on Speed, and Lawrence Weiner.
The GPS coordinates (or ‘map’) of the exhibition location have been logged at the site of burial. These coordinates have been digitally encrypted and the resulting data given a physical form – by the Dutch artist Constant Dullaart. This physical ‘map’ has been sold at auction on November 13, 2014, encased within a second edition of the treasure chest.

Alligator Head Marine Lab.
The Alligator Head Marine Lab (AHML) has been created to raise awareness of these important issues through research and public outreach, with the aim to reverse the destructive tendencies that have plagued the area, and ultimately revitalize the reefs and protect the underwater sea life, with the understanding that fishing is an integral part of seashore communities, whose lives depend on the ocean.
AHML actively engages in the restoration of ecosystems that support the natural food chain, and to encourage long-term development of the area with respect to environmentally friendly policy.
To achieve this goal, the AHML teams up with The University of the West Indies (UWI), and strong community outreach with the support of PEPA (Portland Environment Protection Association), which involves education and policy making. hopes to galvanize public support and to raise funds and awareness to support its programs, in order to persevere with its mission to protect, restore and preserve for generations to come.


TBA 21學院

泰森 -博尼米紮藝術學院(Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary)是由馬庫斯·雷伊曼(Markus Reymann) 在2011年創建並執導的,TBA21學院(Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary) 扮演著文化產出和不同學科互換的一個移動平臺的角色,在2011年的7月份到2015年8月份期間,TBA21學院邀請了許許多多的藝術家,科學家和思想家進行了無數次的海洋考察和探索。通過這些特定的人與自然元素碰撞的啟發,TBA21學院積極的促成了科考船Dardanella 研究項目。 從2015年10月份,該學院創立了一個階段性的獎學金項目:“TBA 21 當前”。


Lima 的寶藏(Treasure of Lima):一個掩埋的展覽(2014年3月份到11月份)
在哥斯達黎加五百五十公裏海岸的科科斯群島(Isla del Coco)的一個特定地點,一個現代的寶藏箱被埋在一個隱秘的地點。 由紐約的建築師阿蘭大(Arranda )和 拉斯(Lasch )設計的,也有許多其它的藝術家加入。如瑪麗娜·阿布拉莫維奇(Marina Abramovic),道格·艾特肯(Doug Aitken),安吉拉·布洛克(Angela Bulloch),奧拉維爾·埃利亞松(Olafur Eliasson),卡爾·邁克·馮·豪斯沃爾夫(Carl Michael von Hausswolff),皮埃爾·於熱(Pierre Huyghe),卡斯滕·尼古拉(Carsten Nicolai),馬修·裏奇(Matthew Ritchie),埃德·魯沙( Ed Ruscha),漢斯·沙巴斯(Hans Schabus) ,奇克斯·安·斯彼得(Chicks on Speed)和勞倫斯·韋納(Lawrence Weiner)。展覽地點的全球定位系統坐標(或“地圖”)已記錄在埋藏的地點。由荷蘭藝術家康斯坦特·杜拉特(Constant Dullaart )把這些坐標數字加密並將所得數據做出一個物理公式,這個物理“地圖”被放在第二版本的百寶箱裏,在2014年11月13日的拍賣會上售出。

鱷魚頭海洋實驗室(Alligator Head Marine Lab.)
鱷魚頭海洋實驗室(AHML)通過研究和公眾宣傳,提高了人們對一些重要問題的認知,其目的在於扭轉一直困擾該地區的破壞性傾向,最終來振興珊瑚​​礁和保護水下海洋生物,漁業是海濱區域完整的一部分,他們的生命取決於海洋。 AHML積極開展並支持自然食物鏈,鼓勵該地區的長遠發展以及環保政策生態系統的恢復。為了實現這一目標,AHML與西印度群島大學(西印度群島)合作,與PEPA(波蘭環境保護協會)一起對社區進行了廣泛的推廣 ,其中涉及教育和政策的制定。希望能激發公眾的支持,並籌集資金和積極支持其方案,努力完成這個堅持不懈的維護,恢復和保護子孫後代的使命。

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