As the stage lights die away, the theater gradually restores the state that ‘even breathing can be heard’, at this moment, there comes a faint caw of a crow. No one knows where the crow flies from, it disturbs the audience who are ready for the play, then flies to the stage where the curtain has just opened. Flying towards the dark stage, it stops on a rooftop in the center of the stage, there is nothing but a deep blue light shining on it, which is pecking at the board, like nibbling on a decaying corpse.

當場燈漸弱的時候,劇場漸漸恢復到“連呼吸都能聽見”的狀 態,此時隱隱傳來一隻烏鴉聒躁的聲音。不知它從何飛來,驚擾 了即將觀劇的人們,只見它飛向了大幕剛剛開啟的舞台,一座幽 暗的舞台上,它着落在舞台中央的一個屋頂上,只有一盞幽藍 的光投射到它,徘徊地啄擊着木板,像是在讒食着一具腐朽的 屍體。

There is a cabin of an old ship lying across in the mid-air over the stage, where eight ancient music players are sitting in. A guitarist wearing a T-shirt and jeans is standing casually in a corner of this space, overlooking the coming story on the stage. This guitarist is the composer of this opera Damon Albarn. Along with the ancient music of the Renaissance, a mysterious force brings us back to the 16th century England.

一艘舊船隻的艙體,橫跨在舞台半空,八名古樂演奏者 坐於其中。一名身穿T恤仔褲的吉他手隨性地將自己放 置在這個空間的一角,他俯視着舞台中即將開始的故 事。這名吉他手也就是這部歌劇的作曲丹蒙·阿爾伯恩 (Damon Albarn)。一股神秘的力量伴隨着文藝復興 時期的古樂將我們帶到了16世紀的英國。

D1.Dr. Dee, Paul Hilton, Melanie Pappenheim, Christopher Robson (c) Richard Hubert Smith   D.Dr. Dee, Damon Albarn, Melanie Pappenheim, Clemmie Sveaas, (c) Richard Hubert Smith

Dr. Dee tells about the ups and downs of the life of John Dee, who is a British mathematician, astronomer, navigator, alchemist and astrologer born in 1547. Dr. Dee on stage is a mysterious, grotesque, hysterical but very gifted character, just like the combination of the three characters of Dr. Faustus by Christopher
Marlowe, The Alchemist by Ben
Jonson and Prospero in The Tem-
pest by Shakespeare. This is a con-
temporary play about the explora
tion of knowledge, rights, humanity
and vanity, which not only shows the tragic life of this legendary figure, but also enables us to trace the origin of modern science during the reign of Elizabeth I. It is a story of five hundred years ago, but having a contemporary soul. This is the key reason that I want to introduce this work.

歌劇《迪伊博士(Dr. Dee)》講述的是 出生於1547年的英國數學家、天文學家、 航海家、煉金術士、星象學者伊恩博士 跌宕起伏的人生。舞台上的迪伊博士這 個人物就像是克里斯托弗 · 馬洛(Chris- topher Marlowe)的《浮士德博士(Dr. Faustus)》、本 · 瓊森(Ben Jonson)的《煉金術士 (Alchemist)》和莎士比亞筆下《暴風雨》普洛斯彼 羅(Prospero)這三個人物的結合。神秘、怪誕、歇斯 底里而又極具天才之能事。這是一部有關探討知識、權 利、人性與虛榮等問題的當代歌劇,不僅展現了這位傳 奇人物悲劇性的一生,也讓我們可以追尋到現代科學在 伊麗莎白一世統治時代的起源。一個五百年前的故事, 卻有着當代的靈魂。這是我想介紹這部作品的關鍵。

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