Audrey Miao : Exploring the poetic in a world where digits intertwine with perception

11-11-2023 Edited by Huanzhi Zhang

Audrey Miao draws inspiration from her personal experiences, everyday observations, and emotions. She skillfully employs elements such as rhythm, balance, color, and imagery to express emotions vividly. Utilizing multiple mediums like imagery, sculpture, installations, and virtual devices, she merges tactile, auditory, and visual senses, breaking traditional artistic expressions. Audrey Miao’s artworks offer profound and authentic interpretations of human emotions. They not only reflect her synesthetic experiences and self-reflection but also serve as an exploration of human emotional expression.

Beautiful Advertisement, 2021, Audrey Miao

Miao’s piece “Beautiful Advertisement, 2021” stems naturally from repeated transcriptions and reflections. Her aim is to transform the flat advertising text into a sculpture. This piece aims to prompt a positive reflection on what beauty is and how people’s acceptance of things may differ from their beliefs. The relationship with the audience is particularly crucial in this work. Miao allows the text to occupy space, enabling her to explore as many layers and arrangements as possible. Copying text has become a way for her to integrate text materials into herself to some extent. Writing in VR is one way to do that. Everyone has a responsibility to imagine the content of the advertisement. Texts have weight, they convey energy, and it’s also a way to integrate different methods of making things beautiful into one advertisement. The slogans overlap and interfere with each other, creating a new, casual, and unimportant form.

Miao’s artworks are not just about the application of forms but also about condensing the subtle moments of life into poetic expressions. Her works often demonstrate profound insights into human emotions and experiences, as she endeavors to explore others’ subtle emotions from different perspectives. Through her artworks, audiences can experience the universal emotions and experiences that exist deep within human hearts. Miao’s works are also expressions of thoughts and ideas. In “Dancing Diamond, 2021,” she constructs an installation that transmits sound and uses it as a stage for diamonds and fertilizers. Diamonds can easily scatter on the table, becoming a more manageable object linked to the vibrations of sound. It can be connected to sound or fertilizer, bringing the image closer to a landscape. The vibrations produced by sound fascinate her, and Miao explores the boundary between nature and artificiality. She draws inspiration from nature and then works with other forms of knowledge, aiming to create a transformation, a poetic suspense. Miao references the concept of consumption by integrating diamonds with fertilizers through the vibrations of sound. The audience is required to both listen to conversations in the recording and watch the video of diamonds dancing, leading to a sense of “dual landscape.” The outcome of the work may leave some regrets, as the diamonds fall apart, and there are no clear answers, fostering ongoing exploration of ownership of objects.

Her works aim not only to validate others’ feelings but also as a form of self-reflection. By incorporating sensory elements like touch and hearing into her artworks, Miao creates a multidimensional experience for her audience. “I’m going to buy a bag, 2021” stems from repeated experiences and reflections, and Miao believes these experiences and reflections can reveal aspects of her research that may not yet have been revealed. This piece involves understanding and calculating distances: the distance between the work and the audience, the distance between the artist and her work, and the distance the work can spread through continued communication. “Playing a game” is what she is trying to evoke with this form. Using virtual scenes can gently reference serious themes, and she always risks blurring the line between fantasy and reality.

Miao injects her genuine emotions and experiences into a virtual space, allowing the audience to experience the same journey in another space, playing the game while also re-examining her previous shopping process. Miao attempts to rebuild this special empathetic bond between work and audience in virtual space and rebuild specific relationships. This work emphasizes the distance from the work itself and attempts to foster misunderstandings. In this piece, she decides to start from her daily experiences, not for the experiences themselves, but for their impact on her life, personality, and practice.

We live in an increasingly digital world, yet Miao still yearns to transcend any tangible real-world experiences that screens can provide. Through her art, Miao seeks to establish connections with the outside world. She believes that everything is fluid and transient, and her artworks remind us that we are all interconnected. Despite facing obstacles, we should strive to live and progress. Overall, Miao’s art is a powerful tool for communication and healing. By sharing her personal experiences, she hopes to inspire others to embrace their struggles and find the strength to overcome them.



Audrey Miao的創作靈感源於她個人的生活經歷、日常細節的觀察與感受。她巧妙地利用節奏、平衡、色彩與意象等元素,將情感豐富且細膩地展現出來。透過影像、雕塑、裝置藝術以及虛擬技術等多樣媒介,她將觸感、聽覺和視覺結合,打破了傳統的藝術表現形式。Audrey Miao的作品深刻且真摯地詮釋了人類情感,不僅反映了她自身的通感體驗和自我思考,也是對於人類情感表達方式的一次深入探索。

Beautiful Advertisement, 2021, Audrey Miao

《Beautiful Advertisement, 2021》這件作品是從反復抄寫和深思中自然誕生的。Audrey的目標是把扁平的廣告文案轉化為一件雕塑作品。該作品旨在積極反思「美」的定義以及人們對於與自己信仰不符的事物的接受度。與觀眾之間的互動對於這件作品至關重要。Audrey通過讓文字填滿空間,探索盡可能多的堆疊和排列方式,將文本材料融入到她的自我之中,使得抄寫過程成為她個人的一部分。她使用VR技術進行創作,挑戰每個人想象廣告內容的責任,強調文字本身的重量和傳遞能量的能力,以及如何將不同的美化方法融合進廣告中。文字的重疊和相互干擾創造了一種新穎、隨意且不那麼重要的形式。

Audrey的作品不僅僅是關於表現形式的運用,更重要的是她凝結了生活中微妙情感的瞬間,用詩意的方式進行表達。她的作品通常表現出對人類情感和感受的深入洞察,她試圖從不同的角度去發現他人細微的情感。通過她的作品,觀眾可以體驗到那些普遍存在於人類內心深處的情感和體驗。Audrey的作品更是一種思想和觀念的表達。她在《Dancing diamond, 2021》中建造了一個傳播聲音的裝置,並將其用作可以容納鑽石和肥料的舞台。鑽石可以很容易的散落在桌子上,它變成一個更可操作的物體,與聲音的振動聯繫起來。它能夠與聲音或肥料鏈接,而畫面更接近風景。

聲音所產生的振動本身讓她著迷,Audrey在自然和人為之間的界限探索,她從自然中汲取靈感,然後使用其他形式的知識來工作,她試圖創造一個轉變,一種詩意的懸念。Audrey圍繞作品以鑽石通過聲音的振動與肥料融合在一起的方式提及消費理念的想法。 這是一個觀眾既需要聆聽錄音中的對話又觀看鑽石跳動的視頻,有一種「雙重景觀」的感念。作品的最後或許留有遺憾,鑽石的分崩離析,並不明朗的回答,這些迷惑都將繼續人們對物的佔有的探尋。

她的作品不僅旨在驗證他人的感受,還旨在作為一種自我反思的形式。通過將觸摸和聽覺等感官元素融入她的藝術品中,Audrey為她的觀眾創造了一種多維體驗。作品《 I’m going to buy a bag, 2021》來自反復的體驗和反思,Audrey相信這些體驗和反思可以揭示她研究中可能尚未獲得揭示的方面。

I’m going to buy a bag, 2021, Audrey Miao




通過她的藝術,Audrey尋求與外界建立聯繫, 她認為一切都是流動和短暫的,她的藝術作品提醒我們,我們都是相互聯繫的,儘管我們面臨障礙,但我們應該努力生活和進步。總的來說,Audrey的藝術是溝通和治療的強大工具。通過分享她的個人經歷,她希望激勵其他人擁抱他們的掙扎,並找到克服掙扎的力量。


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