GEM SCOUT 新銳華人珠寶設計師聯展
23 September – 3 October 2015
China Design Centre, 26 Store Street, London WC1E 7BT


UK China Art and Design Association (UCADA) presents GEM SCOUT – a showcase of emerging jewellery designers – at China Design Centre, in the heart of Bloomsbury, London from 23rd September to 3rd October 2015.

UCADA embraces 7 of the most daring designers and highlights their artistic and experimental journeys in search for new possibilities in jewellery design. Ranging from costume to fine, from functional to critical, and from the renovation of crafts tothe application of new technologies, the exhibition creates a diverse profile of the current generation of Chinese jewellery designers and provides them with a stage during London Design Festival.

China Design Centre joins hands with UCADA, to celebrate the beauty of jewellery,its design and craft process as well as its role beyond fashion accessory, with the aim to create a timely dialogue with the public and to encourage new designers to mingle with the industry for further development of their profession.

UCADA英中藝術設計協會將攜手中國設計中心,於2015年9月23日至10月3日在其位於倫敦Bloomsbury中心地帶的展廳,舉辦華人新銳珠寶設計師聯展GEM SCOUT。UCADA繼續其宗旨,發掘近年畢業於全球各設計學院的華人珠寶設計新星,為他們在倫敦設計節期間提供展示平臺。

GEM SCOUT將與7位大膽挑戰珠寶設計傳統理念的年輕設計師合作,展示其富有藝術性與試驗性的最新系列作品。從時尚首飾到高級珠寶,從傳統手藝的重生到最新科技的應用,從珠寶作為可佩戴時尚配飾的功能到它扮演批判性設計載體的角色,展覽力求與業界及公眾共同探討新一代華人設計師在首飾創作領域的各種可能性。

Xiaoyao Wu的Grafting系列,通過不同功能語言的拼貼,嘗試探索首飾的邊界與意義;Danqing Li重組記憶碎片,創作出具有時間屬性的實驗首飾系列Scan;Shaomin Huang帶來的Silent Slice作品,傳承並探索燒瓷加描金工藝的新運用;Qixuan Wu用“啞戲·非意向性戒指”系列作品,提出首飾即是身體組織間不經意長出的異質結構體的理念;Youdi Luo的Monster系列質疑人的“怪物性”,並賦予穿戴者置身於“Cabinet of Curiosity”的想象空間;Hao Jiang的“之間”系列,探討因粒子間的自我參考特性而賦予幾何形式的豐富感知變化;以及Xiutao Fu將現代主義設計和歐洲及東亞古典風格融合,創作的系列發簪Time Traveler。




Danqing Li: Childhood

I want to reconstruct the broken pieces of memory with a special manner, or say, to exhibit myself with the characters of time. I made this work in exploration, similar to the working principle of scanner. The exploration itself is the repeat procedure of scanning. My past time remained its pure appearance through my mind, only shapes and colors.

The material was conferred with my experience. The white color implies the purity of infant, and filled with colorful memory gradually. I tried to catch some special moments in my living experience, and embedded them into each stage of creation – experience is the best portion in the life.

None of the works is perfect, yet the imperfection is more precious to me. Because it pushes me to improve and to be more mature. As in my childhood, even there was imperfect, it is still the irreplaceable memory in my life.

HaoJiang: In Between

“In Between” talks about the visual effects created by the self-referring character of an object of particles. Objects could be regarded as an aggregation of particles, large or small, line or surface. This project is designing the relationship of particles instead of designing the particle itself. The line, face and body, would create various connections. These connections, based on the mutual reference of particles, would add visual hierarchy to the original object. “In Between” intends to seek for more variability of an object with reconstruction of particles, viewers and ambiance.



Qixuan Wu: Pantomime-Unintentional Ring

The movement of the body and the posture of the fingers can delicately demonstrate individual belief and desire. They are filled with sensitive feelings and life forms and form my original perspective towards the world. These feelings and perceptions gradually grows hetero structures in me.



Shaomin Huang:Silent Slice

Ceramic can not be as precious as gems,

But it has different kind of value.

Ceramic has been developed for thousands of years,

We even could smell the culture from them.

Mixing the ancient craft with modern aesthetic and design,

To present a kind of peaceful silence.



Xiaoyao Wu: Grafting

In the “Grafting” series, the inspirations are from nature elements of grafted plants. I used two different kinds of materials, one from nature – “twigs” and the other one man-made – “silver”. I am interested in using two different kinds of mediums and combining them together. In my mind, I want to express the harmony and contradiction between nature and artificial.

在 “Grafting”系列中,他们展示了我对自然的一些看法。在这一系列的作品中,我使用两种不同的材料,一个来自大自然—“树枝”,另一个来自人造材料—“银”金属。当混合在一起,从而想表达自然与人工之间的和谐与矛盾。


Xiutao Fu: Time Traveller

This research of antique hairpins is a conceptual design based on the Renaissance, Victoria style, Art nouveau, Art Deco and east Asian style. Blend in constructivism concept of modern idea: It means each hairpin was inspired by a story, and together they create a whole new visual language.



Youdi Luo: Monster

I am searching for the monster

The human figure becomes the monster;

A dark and sinister aspect of humanity.

Fear of the unknown, loneliness and isolation all occur in the mind.  So where does the monstrous identity begin? I want to confront the viewer’s understanding and experience of Contemporary Jewellery through creating Surrealist and Absurdist forms. I have been influenced by the subconscious and specifically dreams as well as deep and hidden psychological states.

The concept of ‘the monster’ arose from the historical idea that humans with deformities were considered freaks and took inspiration from “Cabinets of Curiosities”.  Through my works, I aim to question; “What is a monster, exactly? Through an Absurdist lens, my work explores how something that appears as an irregularity of the human form can be misunderstood and perceived as unsightly and undesirable, outside of ‘the norm’.

The surreal characters cast in silicon, show the abnormal, the unusual. Silicon is my primary material because it replicates skin-like qualities, especially its transparency and fluidity. My process consists of taking these abnormal forms and then adding and combining additional parts and materials.

Once the parts are worn, the wearer takes on the characteristics of the historical, human monster spectacle as if they were a piece in the Cabinet of Curiosity.


“怪物“系列作品主要由矽有機樹脂進行創作, 易掌控與柔軟的質感是這種新型材料的特性且非常符合設計師心中的“怪物”形象。


About UCADA 英中藝術設計協會

UCADA highlights and continuously explores the emerging role of a new generation of Chinese talents in the global landscape. Areas span from fine art, design, fashion, architecture to performance art. It works to match talents with projects, to catalyse cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary collaborations, as well as to facilitate new models for the mutual development of the creative industries between China and the rest of the world.

About CDC

China Design Centre is the place to experience and collaborate with Chinese design and innovation. We showcase the unique design vision in Architecture, Art and Craft, Furniture, Product, Fashion and Jewellery Design. Our venue is an ideal place to explore collaborative opportunities between designers from China, UK and the rest of the world.



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