Group Exhibition of Chinese Ink Painting Masters

On October 30th 2013, Ink China: Group Exhibition of Chinese Ink Painting Masters will open at Henry Moore Gallery, Royal College of Art. This exhibition is hosted by the Painting and Calligraphy Institute, China Central Research Institute of Culture and History, organized by Beijing Jade Olive Culture and Arts Co., LTD and co-organized by Meridian Culture and Arts Organization.

In this exhibition, 45 Chinese ink painting masters have been invited and 105 pieces of ink art in various subjects and styles selected by the Painting and Calligraphy Institute, China Central Research Institute of Culture and History and China National Painting Academy. The current development of Chinese ink art is presented comprehensively, and this exhibition showcase is concentrated on contemporary Chinese ink art, which is rare in recent years in the UK.

Ink China has received the public’s attention widely in both China and the UK. On the opening day, Mr. Liu Xiaoming, Ambassador of Embassy of People’s Republic of China, UK and Mr. Xiang Xiaowei, Minister and Cultural Counselor will be present. Also the artists and people from cultural and academic fields will gather together, discussing and sharing their points of views in the development of art and cultural contributions and responsibilities.

With the process of globalization, China has played an increasingly important role in international affairs. While the development in China’s economy has achieved worldwide attention, the development of Chinese culture and art has equally attracted attention around the world. Chinese ink art, as a master of Chinese culture and art will be obliged to assume a role as a ‘cultural ambassador’. By centralized, large-scale displays of excellent Chinese ink art works, more international friends can understand Chinese culture and art, and more westerners could understand the logic of thinking and oriental cultural artistic taste, which could enhance mutual understanding and friendly exchanges between the people in the two countries. Ink art, as a bridge between China and the UK, will build a platform for dialogue and promote the exchange and cooperation between these two countries.







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