Hayward Gallery: Retrospective of Martin Creed


Today it was announced that the Hayward Gallery at Southbank Centre is set to show the first major survey of work by internationally-acclaimed artist Martin Creed. Opening on 29 January 2014, the exhibition will bring together the full range and scale of Creed’s work, spanning its most minimal moments – a spot of blu-tack – to extravagant room-sized installations, neons, sequential sculptures, kinetic installations, films, and vibrant paintings. 


British artist Martin Creed (b.1968) is best known for his Turner-prize winning installation The Lights Going On and Off (2000), and more recently, for his UK wide piece All the Bells in a Country Rung as Quickly and Loudly as Possible for Three Minutes, which launched the London 2012 Festival. Since the beginning of his career, when he started sequentially numbering his works, Creed has developed a minimalistic approach that strips away the unnecessary, but manages to preserve an abundance of wit, humour and surprise. Work No. 319 (2004), a room half-filled with balloons, is a joyous and chaotic social experience. In other works, a piano lid or door opens and shuts automatically; 39 metronomes simultaneously tick at different speeds; giant paintings fill entire walls; and everyday objects are collected into sequences and series. For the first time in the UK, the exhibition will present some of Creed’s earliest works and also the pivotal Work No. 1000 (2009-10), a monumental colour series comprised of 1000 prints made with broccoli. The artist’s portrait paintings as well as a number of new sculptural commissions will be among his most recent works to be featured in the exhibition that will occupy both floors of the Hayward Gallery as well as its outdoor terraces.


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