Originated from Ancient Greece, flourished in Europe and become popular in the whole world, Olympic culture has become part of the civilization of human being. That’s to say, Olympic culture comes from the west.

Since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger” has deeply rooted in the hearts of Chinese people. In 2012 London Olympic Games, the pursuit of peace, health and challenge will keep on flying.

Ink, inherited the essence of Chinese culture, is the synthesizer of Chinese tradition and the most powerful symbol of the culture of the Chinese intellectuals in Han Dynasty. Therefore, ‘Olympic Ink’ indicates the collision and fusion of civilization from the West and the East, the fusion of art and sports culture, the communication with both sides that will undoubtedly bring up exciting artistic sparkle.

This time, over 60 masterpieces from the most prestige school of art in China-Fine Art Academies in China-will be displayed.15 acclaimed modern ink painters who were born in the 1970s have been invited to participate in the creation of “Olympic Ink”, with their best wishes of connecting Chinese ink art to the Olympic Culture and the civilization of the whole world. These ink talents illustrate their profound comprehension on the traditional art of ink, and combine the spirits of the time into ink art, which creates a new form of such traditional Chinese art.





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