第四期 ISSUE 4

Many of us are fond of seeing large-scale exhibitions by prominent artists in museums. This is
indeed an alternative way to have a quick clue about history of art. However, due to the nature of museum, only those established artists are selected to exhibit their artworks in museums. So we
may sometimes find the arts in museums too conventional, and get tired of them easily. Where on earth can we find the fresh and thought-provoking arts? I would personally recommend commercial galleries, for these galleries are more willing to scout for and present prospective artists that may seem weird and provocative at one glance. It is this quirky new art form that stimulates the art market and encourages responses. In this issue, we pick some galleries that caught our eyes in Britain and China, all of which have tight relations with Chinese contemporary art. Hopefully the features would help you know more about gallery industry in Britain and China. Enjoy the issue!

很多人喜歡去美術館欣賞藝術大師的作品,這的確是了解藝術發展和脈絡的一個捷徑,不過另一方面,由於 美術館的特性,可以進入美術館展出的藝術家和作品往往是已經功成名就,蓋棺定論了的,這反倒讓我們覺 得美術館中的藝術有時太過老生常談,甚至有點視覺疲勞。去哪裡看最為鮮活、最受爭議的藝術呢?個人建 議大家去看看商業畫廊,因為商業畫廊往往更願意去挖掘和展示他們認為具有潛力和前景的藝術家,具有爭 議的、反差強烈的、新奇怪異的藝術才能刺激市場給予回應。本期雜誌將為大家挑選若干英國和中國畫廊進 行介紹,這些畫廊都與中國當代藝術有着千絲萬縷的聯繫,希望本期專題可以幫助大家更好了解在藝術一級 市場層面上的英中畫廊產業。


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