ART.ZIP Issue 6

Performance art, as the integrity of various art forms, includes literature, music, dance, performance and fine art. The British contemporary performance art is regarded as a most well-known art kind in the world. In this issue, we have invited Dong Yiran and Wang Jing, two research experts in performance art and its development in both the UK and China, to introduce the various forms of performance art, to let our readers further understand the stories behind performance art.

The British performance art has established its very own uniqueness. It has always been exploring and challenging the boundary of performance art by the means of new technology and experimentation of different art forms. Therefore, it has been bringing for viewers tremendous pleasure and surprise. This issue of ART.ZIP not only covers a wide range of performance art forms, such as drama, opera, musical, dance performance and puppetry, it also pays great attention to people involved for the creativity, and the industry development, which are rarely known by the general public.




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