第六期 ISSUE 6
英国戏剧|British Theatre

Performance art, as the integrity of various art forms, includes literature, music, dance, performance and fine art. The British contemporary performance art is regarded as a most well-known art kind in the world. In this issue, we have invited Yiran Dong and Jing Wang, two research experts in performance art and its development in both the UK and China, to introduce the various forms of performance art, to let our readers further understand the stories behind performance art.

The British performance art has established its very own uniqueness. It has always been exploring and challenging the boundary of performance art by the means of new technology and experimentation of different art forms. Therefore, it has been bringing for viewers tremendous pleasure and surprise. This issue of ART.ZIP not only covers a wide range of performance art forms, such as drama, opera, musical, dance performance and puppetry, it also pays great attention to people involved for the creativity, and the industry development, which are rarely known by the general public.

表演藝術作為各種藝術形式的集大成者,囊括和集中了包括文學、音樂、舞蹈、表演、美術等各藝術門類的表現 形式,在英國當下的表演藝術,無疑是藝術界的一顆耀眼的明珠。為了讓廣大看客更深入和系統的了解表演藝 術背後的故事,我們特地邀請到了董一燃和王晶這兩位熟悉中英兩國表演藝術動態和發展的研究者為大家講述 舞臺上下的點點滴滴。

英國的表演藝術在全球獨樹一幟,其一直以來都在探索和開拓表演藝術的疆界,借助新的科技手段和其他藝術 形 式 的 相 互 沖 擊 ,英 國 表 演 藝 術 為 廣 大 觀 眾 帶 來 了 太 多 的 驚 喜 和 震 撼 。本 期 雜 誌 不 僅 涉 及 到 話 劇 、歌 劇 、音 樂 劇、舞劇、木偶劇等不同的戲劇表演形式,更關註於幕後創意、戲劇人、行業狀態等關於表演藝術不為觀眾所熟 知的方方面面。


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