Josh Faught: The Mauve Decade


IMAGES COURTESY OF 圖片提供:Launch Pad 發射台

Launch Pad - The Mauve Decade 2014

Launch Pad is delighted to present the second site-specific commission at the home of Launch Pad founder and contemporary art patron, Sarah Elson. San Francisco-based artist Josh Faught will have free rein in part of Elson’s West London family home to create several works in response to the space.

Josh Faught (b.1979) makes hand-woven and embellished sculptures and installations that address personal and cultural identity. For Launch Pad, Faught’s commission titled “The Mauve Decade” refers to the period known as the “Gay Nineties,” or 1890s London. The title encapsulates aesthetic, political and historical shifts and fashions that were at play during the development of suburban London. Staying physically safe, protected from unsanitary conditions and airborne pollutants of the city centre in later 19th century was a primary driver in the exodus of Britain’s wealthier citizens to the suburbs. Faught is interested in “this space of transition and restlessness that led people to create homes and environments that were boundaries, protective havens, and sites of isolation.” As Faught explains, the colour mauve “is an incredibly divisive color; at once garish and slightly noble.” Derived from aniline purple dyes that were later discovered to be completely toxic, mauve was originally more of a royal purple. However, with sunlight and time, the colour degraded to a dustier hue. “The Mauve Decade” will address themes of transition and time, danger and protection, occupying the centre of the house with several works.

Launch Pad was established January 2014 to offer a platform to emerging artists who have not yet exhibited their work in the UK. Up to three artists a year will be invited to respond to and exhibit within the domestic environment of the collector’s home. The programme endeavours to open and expose the commissioning process to the public, and as such, is a unique proposition for patron and artist alike. In an era of increasing hybridity between public and private art collections, the Launch Pad series explores this paradigm, operating as a laboratory for new, commissioned work.

“發射台”項目最新的藝術定製委託作品在項目創始人兼當代藝術贊助人莎拉·埃爾森(Sarah Elson)的宅邸進行展出。此次受委託的藝術家是來自舊金山的喬希·福特(Josh Faught),在此項目中,藝術家可以在莎拉的住所進行自由的發揮創作。




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