London International Mime Festival

At the beginning of this year, the noted London International Mime Festival opened once again “silently”. As a leading platform for mime in Europe, where, there are wonderful new acrobatics, physical theater, performing arts, dancing and Object Theater (or puppetry) are presented every year on the mainstream stages of London, including Barbican Centre, the
Royal Opera House and the Roundhouse. Awarded the Fringe First in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011, The Table by Blind Summit unveiled the opening of this year’s Mime Festival at Soho Theatre. In addition to its own independent repertoire, the famous puppet theatrical company Blind Summit also actively cooperated with other companies in recent years, such as English National Opera’s Madam Butterfly directed by Anthony Minghella, and The Master and Margarita directed by Simon McBurney. Similarly, there is a special puppetry festival in the UK called Suspense Festival. It is held every two years, and every time puppet artists all over the world are invited to perform on stages in London. It is known for its special venues including barge and some other astonishing places.

今年年初,備受矚目的倫敦國際默劇節又一次“默默地”開幕了。作 為歐洲領先的默劇展示平台,每一年各種精采的新式雜技、肢體 劇、表演藝術、舞蹈及物件劇(或木偶戲)等被帶到倫敦的主流舞 台上演,包括巴比肯藝術中心(the Barbican Centre), 皇家歌劇院 (the Royal Opera House)及圓屋劇場(the Roundhouse)。開幕 劇由著名木偶劇團盲頂(Blind Summit)帶著其作品《桌子(The Table)》在蘇豪劇場(Soho Theatre) 上演 。這齣戲曾在2011年 的愛丁堡邊緣戲劇節上獲得優秀先鋒劇目的殊榮。這個劇團除了 自己的獨立劇目以外,近年來也活躍於與其他公司合作,例如參與 製作了英國國家歌劇院(English National Opera) 的《蝴蝶夫人 (Madam Butterfly)》以及《大師與瑪格麗特(The Master and M a r g a r i t a )》等 作 品 。相 似 的 ,英 國 還 有 一 個 專 門 的 “ 懸 吊 木 偶 戲 劇節(Suspense Festival)”,每兩年舉辦一次,每次都會邀請來自世 界各地的木偶藝術家在倫敦演出,演出的場地更是包括渡船在內的 各種令人意想不到的場所。

Tips 小贴士

演出場地: Barbican Centre, Royal Opera House, the Roundhouse and etc. 巴比肯藝術中心,皇家歌劇院,圓屋劇場



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