Lucky Number 8 – The Group Show of Chinese Contemporary Art
Lucky Number 8 – 中國當代藝術群展

Lucky Number 8 is the first major exhibition at the Bomb Factory Art Foundation’s expansive new gallery space at 206 Marylebone Road, NW1. This large-scale, industrial building is the fourth site of the foundation in London, helping to achieve its aims of delivering new, ambitious and thought-provoking contemporary art in a non-commercial setting.

3rd – 15th February 2023

206 Marylebone Road NW1 6JQ


The exhibition coincides with the festivities of Chinese New Year, known as the Spring Festival or Chūnjié (春節) in Mandarin, and brings together the work of 17 London-based Chinese artists, spanning many different mediums including sculpture, painting, film, and other interdisciplinary works.

Many of the artists are engaging with conceptual ideas. A philosophical approach can be seen in much of the work in the exhibition, especially topics that deal with notions of nationality and cultural uniformity. The work on show highlights the complexities of the Chinese diaspora, and questions the stereotypical projection of Chinese/Asian identity. In this exhibition, The Bomb Factory aims to show the diversity that exists in contemporary Asian art practice; one that is no longer tied down by traditional demands. By posing the question “What is Asian Art?” the show must consider the wide range of voices that make up the whole. There is a mixing of cultures here that may be truly representative of Contemporary Asian Art, dispelling the myth of a singular narrative.

Established in 2015 by artist Pallas Citroen, The Bomb Factory Art Foundation is a contemporary art and education charity, with four central London sites, three public art galleries, and provision for over 100 affordable artists’ studio spaces. The charity runs an extensive programme of thought-provoking and inclusive art exhibitions, talks, screenings, and performance events as well as a free education programme for the community with a focus on young people.

Pallas, as the Director and creative and strategy leader, maintains the ethos of the Bomb Factory, which was founded on the premise that art and creative cultures offer significant value to society and are needed now more than ever. The Bomb Factory’s mission is to support art and artists and to engage people of all ages and backgrounds in Arts and culture.

2023年 2月3日至2月15日

206 Marylebone Road NW1 6JQ

《Lucky Number 8》 是Bomb Factory Art Foundation在其新空間——206號Marylebone Road——的第一個大型展覽。 這座大型工業建築是該基金會在倫敦的第四個站點,旨在實現該慈善機構的目標——在非商業環境下呈現新穎、雄心勃勃且發人深省的當代藝術。該展覽恰逢中國農曆新年(春節),匯集了17位駐倫敦的中國藝術家作品,涵蓋雕塑、繪畫、電影和其他跨學科作品等多種不同媒介。

展覽上呈現了不少概念藝術作品,在大部分作品中都可以看到藝術家的哲學思考,尤其是涉及國籍和文化統一性的問題。不少作品突出了華人僑民的複雜性,並對華人/亞洲身份的刻板印象提出質疑。通過這次展覽,Bomb Factory Art Foundation展示了當代亞洲藝術實踐中存在的多樣性,一種不再受傳統需求束縛的產品。通過提出“什麼是亞洲藝術?”這個問題,展覽考慮了構成整體的各種聲音。 這裡的混合文化可能是當代亞洲藝術的真正代表,消除了單一敘事的神話。

Bomb Factory Art Foundation由藝術家Pallas Citroen於2015年成立,是一家當代藝術和教育慈善機構,在倫敦市中心設有四個場地、三個公共藝術畫廊,以及100多個價格合理的藝術家工作室空間。該慈善機構開展了一系列發人深省和包容性的藝術展覽、講座、電影放映和行為表演,以及針對社區的免費教育計劃,更有許多項目特別為年輕人而設立。

作為主理人兼創意和戰略領導者,堅持了Bomb Factory一貫的精神和使命,讓藝術和創意文化為社會提供重要價值,支持藝術,支持藝術家,並讓所有年齡和背景的人都能參與藝術文化活動。

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