The M+ Sigg Collection: Chinese art from the 1970s to now

The M+ Sigg Collection is an extraordinary exhibition drawn from an extraordinary collection, one put together by the Swiss collector Uli Sigg and now recognised as the largest and most comprehensive of its kind in the world. The collection will form the backbone of the new M+ museum for visual culture in Hong Kong (due to open to the public in 2019) and the exhibition here at the Whitworth, put together in collaboration with curators and colleagues from the M+ Sigg Collection, will be its only UK showing. Spanning forty years and bringing together works by artists such as Ai Weiwei, Cao Fei and Zhang Peili, this is an exhibition that charts the emergence of contemporary art in China, from early subversive works to the vibrant art scene of today.

此次在英國曼徹斯特惠特沃斯美術館舉辦的《希克藏品:1970年以來的中國藝術》展出了瑞士收藏家烏里·希克(Uli Sigg)先生的關於中國當代藝術的收藏,他的這一收藏被認為是全世界關於中國當代藝術規模最大的一個個人收藏。此次在英國的展出可謂是一個卓越收藏呈現的非同尋常的展覽。同時,這一套中國當代藝術的收藏也會成為香港視覺博物館M+的館藏作品(2019年向公眾開放),這也是次收藏系列在英國的唯一一次展示。展覽展示了40年中中國當代藝術的發展,彙集了眾多重要的中國藝術家,如艾未未、曹斐、張培力等,展覽中呈現了從中國80年代末開始出現的的早期作品,到當下充滿活力的藝術現狀。


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展覽場地:Whitworth Gallery 惠特沃斯美術館
展覽時間:1.7.2015 – 20.9.2015


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