Martin Creed: What’s the Point of It?

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This spring Hayward Gallery at Southbank Centre is set to show the first major survey of work by internationally-acclaimed artist Martin Creed. Opening on 29 January 2014, the exhibition will bring together the full range and scale of Creed’s work, spanning its most minimal moments – a spot of blu-tack – to extravagant room-sized installations, neons, sequential sculptures, kinetic installations, films, and vibrant paintings.

British artist Martin Creed (b.1968) is best known for his Turner-prize winning installation The Lights Going On and Off (2000). Since the beginning of his career, when he started sequentially numbering his works, Creed has developed a minimalistic approach that strips away the unnecessary, but manages to preserve an abundance of wit, humour and surprise. Work No. 319 (2004), a room half-filled with balloons, is a joyous and chaotic social experience. In other works, a piano lid or door opens and shuts automatically; 39 metronomes simultaneously tick at different speeds; giant paintings fill entire walls; and everyday objects are collected into sequences and series.

Cliff Lauson, Hayward Gallery Curator, said: “Martin Creed has been recognised around the world for his art that is both playful and thought-provoking. Crossing all artistic media and including musical and performative elements, his works transform common materials and actions into surprising meditations on existence, choice, and the invisible structures that shape our everyday experiences. We are very excited to be the first gallery to take a comprehensive look at the past 25 years of his work.”


馬丁·克里德,國際知名的英國藝術家,其憑藉作品《開燈關燈(The Lights Going On and Off)》(2000)獲得了2001年度特納獎(Turner-prize,英國最著名的年度藝術大獎)。今年年初,克里德的首個回顧展在倫敦海沃德畫廊開幕。連日來隨著展覽的持續升溫,日訪客量遠遠超過了預期,所以主辦方決定將展覽延續到5月5日。此次展覽幾乎囊括了克里德全部的作品,有微小到不易察覺的藍丁膠作品《Work No. 79(1993)》,也有誇張到房間大小的裝置作品,當然還有其他的系列,例如霓虹燈、連貫的雕塑和動力裝置等。

在創作早期,從克里德開始為其作品起編號,他就一直秉持著極簡主義的理念:除了智慧、詼諧、驚喜外什麼都不剩。比如他2004年的《Work No. 319》,用氣球佈滿半個房間,就是一場既愉快又混亂的經歷,再說說別的作品:自動開合的鋼琴蓋或門;39個節拍器以不同速度地滴答作響;整面墻的巨型畫作;按順序和系列歸整的日常用品……

克里夫·勞遜(Cliff Lauson),海沃德畫廊策展人表示:“馬丁·克里德的作品總是那麼的充滿玩味又引人深思。他的創作在各種藝術媒介包括音樂和表演元素的裝點下,即便再普通不過的素材和行為也能令人迸發出驚人的思考,思考存在、選擇、還有那些塑造了我們生活卻被我們忽略的事物。作為第一家承辦克里德回顧展的機構,我們深感榮幸。”


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展覽場地:Hayward Gallery 海沃德畫廊
展覽時間:29.1.2014 – 5.5.2014


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