Not only a Puppet 無獨有“偶”

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From the moment of its animation, puppet becomes one with its master. Be it small, colossal, realistic or abstract, behind the puppet lies the inexplicable inspiration of the artist. Puppetry may be one of the oldest form of theatrical performance, related closely to religious rituals. Because of its profound history, puppetry is fascinating in its own way. The master’s movements are to be transformed utterly through the puppet; the collaboration between masters also makes expansive artistic expression possible.

We visited the Puppet Centre in South London, felt the sincerity and resignation of the founders in their endeavors to archive and preserve the tradition of puppetry in the UK. We also visited Little Angel Theatre, the “home of British puppetry,” and recognized the significance of this little building. Lastly, we closely examined puppetry production The Heads by the internationally-claimed puppet theatre company, Blind Summit, and got to know about the stories behind.


我們走訪了英國木偶中心(Puppet Centre),聽創始人講述對於記錄和傳承英國偶文化的赤誠和無奈。還將走進有著“英國木偶之家”之稱的小天使劇院(Little Angel Theatre),了解為什麽這樣一個不起眼的建築能夠有著這樣的盛名。最後我們還將一起近觀著名木偶劇團“盲頂(Blind Summit)”的作品《腦袋腦袋(The Head)》,同時了解這個劇團背後的故事。


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