Shape of Light

Tate Modern

2 May – 14 October 2018

A major new exhibition at Tate Modern reveals the intertwined stories of photography and abstract art. Shape of Light: 100 Years of Photography and Abstract Art is the first show of this scale to explore photography in relation to the development of abstraction, from the early experiments of the 1910s to the digital innovations of the 21st century. Featuring over 350 works by more than 100 artists, the exhibition explores the history of abstract photography side-by-side with iconic paintings and sculptures.

Shape of Light places moments of radical innovation in photography, such as Alvin Langdon Coburn’s pioneering ‘vortographs’ from 1917, within the wider context of abstract art. This relationship between media is explored through the juxtaposition of works by painters and photographers, such as cubist works by George Braque and photographs by Pierre Dubreuil, or the abstract expressionism of Jackson Pollock and Otto Steinert’s ‘luminograms’. Abstractions from the human body associated with surrealism including André Kertesz’s Distorsions, Imogen Cunningham’s Triangles and Bill Brandt’s Baie des Anges, Frances 1958, are exhibited together with a major painting by Joan Miró. Elsewhere the focus is on artists whose practice spans diverse media including photography, such as László Moholy-Nagy and Man Ray.

The exhibition also acknowledges the impact of MoMA’s landmark photography exhibition of 1960, The Sense of Abstraction. Installation photographs of this pioneering show are displayed with some of the works originally featured in the exhibition, including important works by Edward Weston, Aaron Siskind and a series by Man Ray that has not been exhibited since the MoMA show, 58 years ago.

The connections between breakthroughs in photography and new techniques in painting are examined, with rooms devoted to Op Art and Kinetic Art from the 1960s, featuring a striking painting by Bridget Riley and installations of key photographic works from the era by artists including Floris Neusüss and Gottfried Jäger. Rooms are also dedicated to the minimal and conceptual practices of the 1970s and 80s. The exhibition culminates in a series of new works by contemporary artists, Antony Cairns, Maya Rochat and Daisuke Yokota, exploring photography and abstraction today.

泰特現代藝術館關於攝影與抽象藝術的新展, 《光之形狀》百年攝影及抽象藝術展,第一次大規模地探索了攝影與抽象藝術發展的關係。從1910年代的早期實驗到21世紀的數碼創新,展覽涵蓋100多名藝術家的350多件作品,聚焦攝影創新,將攝影放入更廣義的抽象藝術語境中,與標誌性繪畫和雕塑作品一併展出,比如並肩展出立體主義畫家、攝影師George Braque與攝影師Pierre Dubreuil的作品,1917年Alvin Langdon Coburn的漩渦抽象攝影等。此外,展覽還聚焦László Moholy-Nagy和Man Ray這樣的多媒體藝術家。

《光之形狀》一展還為大家帶來了紐約现代艺术博物馆1960年的摄影里程碑展《抽象感》。這次展覽中不少裝置攝影作品來源於此,比如Edward Weston、Aaron Siskind以及Man Ray的一系列作品。展览還著力於探索摄影中的突破与绘画新技术之间的關聯,包括60年代的歐普藝術和動力學藝術,其中有來自Bridget Riley、Floris Neusüss和Gottfried Jäger的裝置攝影著作。不僅如此,還有來自70、80年代的極簡和抽象藝術,以及一系列當代藝術家Antony Cairns、Maya Rochat和Daisuke Yokota的新作品。


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