蘇荷劇院: 有關未來的戲劇盛宴

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Downtown lively bars and diverse styles of theater performances, making Soho Theatre become one of London’s must-see landmark cultural landscapes. As the most acclaimed comedy and cabaret theatre in London, Soho Theatre is responsible for initiating, nurturing and realizing the most insightful and groundbreaking new acts. It is the place where talented emerging and established writers conceive, develop and realize their best work.

From New Compton Street to a basement at Soho Poly to the first ever purpose built theatre for new writing, Soho Theatre Company has been making its mark on the streets of London for over 40 years. Nestled a few doors down from Karl Marx’s 1850s crash pad, just up from the infamous Colony Room, at the very address that Mozart played in 1764, 21 Dean Street has been Soho Theatre’s home for 11 years.

Soho Theatre owns its own Central London venue housing the intimate 150-seat Soho Theatre, our 90-seat Soho Upstairs and our cabaret space, Soho Downstairs. Under the joint leadership of Soho’s Artistic Director Steve Marmion and Executive Director Mark Godfrey, Soho Theatre now welcomes 167,000 people a year.

從新康普頓街(New Compton Street)到蘇荷保利(Soho Poly)的地下室, 再到現在的新寫作劇院,蘇荷戲劇公司已經有40年的歷史。劇院當下的地 址——迪恩街(Dean Street)21號,也是曾有諸多故事的地方,例如,僅僅幾 米之隔,就是馬克思在19世紀50年代的故居,而就在同一條街道上,還有大 名鼎鼎的“Colony Room”(曾是倫敦知名藝術家的私人酒吧和俱樂部), 相傳 1764年莫紮特曾在此演奏。

蘇荷劇院包括三個主要的演出場地:150座的蘇荷劇場、90座的樓上劇 場、和新建的位於樓下的歌舞劇空間。在劇院藝術總監史蒂夫·瑪米昂 (Steve Marmion)和執行總監馬克·戈弗雷(Mark Godfrey)的聯合指 導下, 蘇荷劇院每年接納的觀眾已接近17萬人。




TO&ST Award will be given to the show the judges believe to be the best cabaret show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. As well as the industry recognition the winner of the award will be offered a two-weeks run at Soho Theatre and will have a full feature about their show in Time Out. The short-listing panels are Time Out Cabaret Editor, Ben Walters, Soho Theatre Comedy & Cabaret, Producer, Steve Lock, and Artistic Director of the Glasgow Cabaret Festival, Frodo McDaniel.

TO&ST獎是愛丁堡戲劇節(Edinburgh Festival Fringe)的獎項之一, 為評選最佳歌舞劇而設。獲得該獎項的作品將在蘇荷劇院進行為期兩 周的展演,并獲得Time Out雜誌的專欄介紹。該獎項的三位評委包括 Time Out歌舞劇編輯本·沃爾特斯(Ben Walters), 蘇荷劇院戲劇與歌 舞劇制作人史蒂夫·勞克(SteveLock)以及格拉斯哥歌舞劇節藝術總 監佛羅多·麥克丹尼爾(Frodo McDaniel)。

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