The Peach Blossom Fan

Coincidentally, 2012 graduates of the School of Performance and Cultural Industries, the University of Leeds also present a classical Chinese play— The Peach Blossom Fan. We have the honor to interview some of the participants, whose experiences from initially coming into contact with the script, to staging the script, and then to publicity and final performance may intuitively present us with such a process from text to stage.

無獨有偶,2012年利茲大學演出和文化產業學院的本科畢業生們也選擇呈現了一部中國古典戲劇《桃花扇》。我們有幸參訪 到了部分參與者,他們在從最初接觸劇本,到劇本舞台化,再到最終演出,宣傳等的經歷也許可以很直觀地為我們呈現這樣 一種從文字到舞台的過程。


Date: May 12, 2012

Venue:Stage@Leeds, School of Performance and Culture Industry, University of Leeds

Introduction of the play:
Peach Blossom Fan is a collaborative venture of third year students from the School of Performance and Cultural Industries at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. The production is being overseen by David Jiang, the former Dean of the Hong Kong Academy’s School of Drama, and Becs Andrews, a winner of the Linbury Biennial Prize for Stage Design.

Background of the play:
The Peach-Blossom Fan (pinyin: Táohuā shàn) is a musical and historical play in 44 scenes that was completed in 1699 by the early Qing dynasty playwright Kong Shangren after more than 10 years’ effort. The play recounts the dying of the Ming dynasty through the love story of its two main characters, young scholar Hou Fangyu and courtesan Li Xiangjun.



演出性質: 桃花扇是利茲大學表演與文化產業學院大三畢 業班學生的一次合作實踐。作品由前香港演藝 學院戲劇學院院長蔣維國老師以及林博睿雙年 展(Linbury Biennial)舞台設計獎得主貝克斯• 安德魯斯(Becs Andrews)督導。

戲劇背景:《桃花扇》是清初作家孔尚任經十餘年苦心經 營,三易其稿寫出的一部傳奇戲曲劇本,共有 44個場景。通過男女主人公侯方域和李香君的 愛情故事反映明末南明滅亡的歷史。

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