Tim Walker: Wonderful Things
蒂姆·沃克: 美妙物什


An immersive journey into the fantastical worlds created by photographer Tim Walker.



Victoria and Albert Museum




Following the incredible success of the Dior exhibition, this September the V&A opens Tim Walker: Wonderful Things, the third solo show of British fashion photographer and long-time Vogue collaborator, Tim Walker. Experience the extraordinary creative process of one of the world’s most inventive photographers through his pictures, films, photographic sets, and special installations – including ten new series of photographs influenced by the V&A’s collections.


“The beautiful and eclectic objects housed in the V&A have influenced Tim since the start of his career,” Susanna Brown, curator of Tim Walker: Wonderful Things at the V&A, told Vogue exclusively. “He has spent months exploring our collection and delving deep into the museum stores to gain inspiration for his new pictures, which will form the heart of the exhibition. It will celebrate the contributions of his many talented collaborators and muses too. This is a project we’ve been talking about for several years, and it’s going to be a spectacular show.”


Tilda Swinton. Fashion- Gucci, Marc Jacobs, jewellery- Lisa Eisner Jewelry, Vela, Uno de 50, A. Brandt + Son. Renishaw Hall, Derbyshire, 2018. © Tim Walker Studio


Tim Walker shot his first Vogue fashion story at the age of 25, and has been contributing his magical and eccentric images to the magazine ever since. His fascination with photography began in Condé Nast’s London library – where he worked on the Cecil Beaton archive prior to university. A stint as Richard Avedon’s assistant in New York followed, before he returned to London to forge his own career. Extravagant settings and theatrical characters are not rare in his work, and he has been behind the lens of some of British Vogue‘s most fantastical shoots since those first images back in 1995.


“Every shoot is a total love letter to an object from the V&A, sometimes several objects,” comments Walker, whose heart swells when connecting with an object, like it would with a new best friend. From an exquisite embroidered casket created by an anonymous young woman in the 17th century to Aubrey Beardsley’s erotic illustrations, a 65-metre-long photograph of the Bayeux Tapestry and an illuminated manuscript made in the 1470s for the Duchess of Brittany, the works Walker chose span the breadth of the V&A’s 145 public galleries and beyond. “My imagination went off in all sorts of directions and then I was really in love,” Walker continues. “It was a total firework display. It was a supernova of creative explosions that you want to get down.”


Tim Walker Exhibition, 15th September 2019 © Peter Kelleher




蒂姆·沃克: 美妙物什


2019年9月21日 至 2020年3月8日





今年九月,維多利亞和阿爾伯特博物館將呈現《蒂姆·沃克: 美妙物什》。蒂姆·沃克出生於英國,作為當代最傑出的時尚攝影師之壹,他與《Vogue》長期保持著合作關系。非凡的創造力與想象力使他的攝影、錄像、裝置作品別具壹格。本次展覽還將囊括沃克的十個最新系列攝影作品,由維多利亞和阿爾伯特博物館館藏啟發靈感而特別創作。


Tim Walker Exhibition-1, 15th September 2019 © Peter Kelleher


從17世紀匿名年輕女性手工制作的精美刺繡匣子,到Aubrey Beardsley的情色插畫,再到1470年為布列塔尼的安妮所定制的泥金裝飾手抄本,蒂姆·沃克的靈感來源跨度頗廣。“我的想象力無方向的發散,壹發不可收拾,是真的愛上了它們。”沃克表示,“就像是壹場煙火表演,是創意靈感的似超新星般的爆發,讓人沈醉其中”。


Duckie Thot, Aubrey’s shadow. Fashion- Saint Laurent. London, 2017. © Tim Walker Studio







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