Collaborative Emotional Laboratory – Interview with Marcus Lyon
協同作業的情感實驗室 – 專訪攝影師馬可斯·里昂

ART.ZIP: Would you consider your studio as a home?

ART.ZIP: 你怎麼看待你的工作室,是不是像家一樣?

ML: That’s a great question – as a matter of fact, there are many times when I leave my family house on the way to the studio and say to my wife Bel, “I’m just off home, I’ll be back soon.” So I often speak of The Glassworks as a home, and as I hope you can see from your welcome here today, anyone who visits is received with genuine warmth, invited to share a meal and enjoy art in an intimate and inspirational environment. Those values of how you treat other people are absolutely at the heart of how I want my practice to be – collaborative, ethical, inclusive and open to diversity, nationality and gender. So this is a place with an open door policy, after all the themes of my work are mass behaviours, so I need to listen to a broad audience.

ML: 這是個很好的問題,當我從家出發去工作室的時候,很多次我都對我妻子說‘我去下家裡,一會兒就回來’,所以我把工作室真的當作家一樣看待,而且我也希望你們能感受到這裡的熱情和友好,所有來訪的客人都會感受到賓至如歸的感覺,我們邀請訪客一起吃飯,讓他們在溫馨并充滿正能量的環境里享受藝術。對待他人的態度和信條也同樣是我藝術創作的原則和目標,重視人與人之間的協作、講究為人之道、堅持包容和開放的多元性、不分國際和性別。所以這裡的大門是對所有人敞開的,而且我的作品很多都是討論大眾行為的,所以我必須傾聽廣大受眾的各種聲音。


ART.ZIP: What key words would you use to explain your space?

ART.ZIP: 如果用一些關鍵詞來描述你的工作室,你會選擇什麼樣的詞呢?

ML: Collaborative. We collaborate every day…. I want everybody here to feel emotionally open. I also like the word vulnerable – being able to talk about all things. Set and frame difficult questions…perhaps we could explore the idea of this place as an emotional laboratory?

But I also think it is really important that we have to be professional and honest – with total commitment to quality….nothing that comes out of this studio can be hurried, there has to be a focus on the purity of the idea and thought leadership…we must lead with the quality of our creative thinking.

ML: 協作。我們每天都會進行各種協同作業,我希望在這裡的每一個人都能感覺到在情感上的融洽,所有的問題都是可以放在桌面上來討論的,換句話說,也許我的工作室可以稱為一個“情感的實驗室”。


ART.ZIP: You have also successfully used your space to show your work too?

ART.ZIP: 您的工作室是不是同時也是一個展示自己作品的絕妙空間呢?

ML: Yes, the Glassworks is fabulous for showing work, but I also have several significant private dealers and galleries in Paris and Rio that promote my work. We have sold to museums, private collections and through auction houses from here, but now is the time for a great gallery in New York, Hong Kong or Beijing.

ML: 是的,我的工作室是一個非常棒的作品展示空間,在巴黎和里約熱內盧也有一些畫廊和私人經銷商來為我做推廣和銷售。我的很多作品被美術館和私人藏家收藏,有些被送上拍賣,我覺得現在也是一個很好的時間段來開拓紐約、香港或者北京這樣的新興市場。

ART.ZIP: You’ve had this space for 25 years, are there any special moments or stories?

ART.ZIP: 這25年以來,在這個工作室有沒有什麼特殊的事件或者故事讓你覺得非常難忘?

ML: Having both lived and worked here, it has become a very intimate place. I think the energy that came with this building when I moved in was obvious. I saw it and I felt it the minute I arrived…. the stories that I like the best are about how diverse this space has been… it has been a venue for so many different creative endeavours – a Russian orchestra did a performance here once. We have had plays here, performance poetry, art shows and seminars… we have had multiple private parties here including hen and stag nights and fortieth, fiftieth, sixtieth, and a seventieth birthdays too – it’s been the most fabulous location for all human celebrations.

I think back to when I was developing the land and I had finished with phase one of the development, we did a 7 pm to 7 am warehouse party. We had a chill-out room, a soul dance floor, a techno dance floor, a garden area with barbecue and jazz, and two bars…. everywhere was different ….it was like a nightclub. A week later, at about ten o’clock on a Friday night, my assistant opened the door to a young couple who came to enquire if “the club was open again?” So it was as good as a club – for one night. Indeed we heard from a friend who was walking the Inca trail in Peru that he overheard a couple talking about this amazing party they attended in a photographic gallery in Kennington – so word even travelled to the high Andes …and then there are all the memories of wonderful people we have photographed here.

ML: 我在這裡工作和生活,工作室對我來說已經是一個非常貼心的地方。當年我搬來的時候,就能很容易地感覺到一種來自建築和空間本身的能量,在我來到這裡的那一瞬間,我就能看到和感覺到那種強大的能量。我最喜歡的就是那些曾經發生在這裡的多種多樣的故事,作為一個場地和空間,它經歷了各種的用途和事件,俄羅斯樂團和戲劇都曾在這裡演出過,還有各種的詩歌表演、藝術展覽和研討會,我們還在這裡舉辦過私人派對,比如我孩子們的生日聚會,對於這種活動來說,這裡簡直是最美妙的地方。