2016 Nanjing Week

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“Nanjing Week” in World Famous Cities

Following the success of “Nanjing Week” at the 2015 Milan Expo, the Nanjing Municipal Government decided to select a world-renowned city each year and continue the theme. This series of events that continuously project a positive image of Nanjing raise the city’s international visibility and reputation, further advancing communications and co-operation with overseas industries.

The London Design Festival

The UK was the first country in the world to propose the concept of “creative industries”. Launched in 2003, the London Design Festival is an annual international design event which has now become a benchmark for the global art and design industry. Many of the top design agencies from around the world hold numerous forums, exhibitions and lectures on related topics, with content ranging across more than 30 different art and design fields.

WHCCE London Venue

The biennial international cultural event – the World Historical and Cultural Cities Expo has now successfully been held for six sessions in Nanjing. This year, the 7th WHCCE will be jointly hosted by UNESCO, China national relevant departments and the Nanjing Municipal Government with the theme of “diverse, open, creative”. The 2016 ‘’Nanjing Week’’ will be the London venue for the 7th WHCCE.


繼2015 年成功舉辦米蘭世博會“南京周”活動後,南京市委市政府決定在“十三五”期間,每年選擇一個世界知名城市,舉辦“南京周”系列活動,推動南京文化和創意企業走出去,呈現有品質、有溫度的南京故事,提升南京國際知名度和城市美譽度。


英國是全球最早提出“創意產業”概念的國家。倫敦設計節自2003 年起至今已連續舉辦13 屆,來自世界各地的眾多頂尖設計機構在此舉辦上百場相關主題論壇、展覽、 講座,內容跨越30 多個不同的設計與藝術領域,是國際設計界一年一度的創意盛宴和風向標。

第 7 屆歷史文化名城博覽會

兩年一度的國際文化雙年盛會——南京歷史文化名城博覽 會至今已成功舉辦 6 屆。今年,第七屆 ” 名城會 ” 由聯合 國教科文組織、國家相關部門、南京市人民政府共同主辦, 主題定位“多元、開放、創造”。


Nanjing Week


2016 London Design Festival “Nanjing Week”
Creative East Meets West: Renowned Metropolis of Oriental Culture Meets Western Capital

2016 倫敦設計節“南京周”



Handan Dream

A special version of the classic Kunqu opera The Handan Dream written by renowned Chinese playwright, Tang Xianzu. From Sept 22 to 23, the Holy Trinity Church in William Shakespeare’s hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon hosted joint performances of The Handan Dream and some Shakespeare’s best-known plays.

The performances took place among a series of celebratory events to mark the 400th anniversary of the lives of the two master wordsmiths, William Shakespeare (1564-1616) and Tang Xianzu (1550-1616).

Ke Jun, the director of The Handan Dream: ‘ Tang’s major plays are collectively called the Four Dreams at Linchuan, among which The Handan Dream has been selected to promote Kunqu opera classics across the world. Tang’s plays are filled with themes that affect all people and that are also found in Shakespeare’s works, such as humanity, life, and love.

Originally, Shakespeare’s plays were accompanied by harp and lute music, whereas Tang’s operas were set to traditional Chinese instruments, such as the sheng, a mouth-blown flute-like instrument consisting of vertical pipes. The opera will be performed without the use of any electricity, and instead candles will be used for lighting.

Known as the ‘Oriental Shakespeare’, Tang Xianzu, a native of Linchuan (in today’s Jiangxi province) has a strong bond with Nanjing. Tang became a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations at the age of 34 and served as an official in Nanjing for eight years, during which time he wrote many operas. As a result, Tang has been selected as the city image of Nanjing in the 2016 London Design Festival Nanjing Week.



中英版《邯郸梦》由有着丰富国际合作经验的英国莎剧导演里昂鲁宾(Leon Rubin)和中国著名昆曲表演艺术家柯军合作执导,中英戏剧演员联袂演出。音乐、舞美、表演、剧情、台词翻译各个方面都得到中英观众的高度评价。剧情上有很多幽默的桥段设计,观众席不时发出朗朗笑声。文采斐然、诗意浓郁的昆剧唱腔和念白配上莎剧精彩深刻的心理冲突展现给观众难以明状的冲击。全剧选取《邯郸梦》的入梦、勒功、法场、生寤四折为主干,呈现原汁原味的昆曲,同时将莎士比亚《麦克白》、《李尔王》、《皆大欢喜》等作品中有关生死的著名片段进行融合。在每一场戏中,都会出现莎翁笔下的人物,如麦克白、李尔王等,他们用英语演绎莎翁原作的台词,紧密结合《邯郸梦》的剧情,实现汤显祖和莎士比亚的跨时空“演出”。

Handan Dream

Movilla in Xuanwu Lake

A creation of youthful Nanjing designers, Movilla is a window onto Nanjing’s cultural and creative works of art in London’s City Hall Plaza this September.

Movilla is a unique moving display of a sample living space. Its floor literally unfolds itself so that the unit becomes a camp trailer. Transport size is minimized and maximum use of space is achieved as the room moves, while opening and closing take a mere five minutes.

南京創意“魔墅” – 南京的城市客廳

9 月 23 日,南京的大型設計作品“魔墅”正式對英國民眾開放。被南京人親切地稱為“南京盒子”的“魔墅”是今年倫敦設計節南京文化週上最特殊的創新設計展品,作為南京人營造的城市客廳,南京周“反客為主”,邀請倫敦市民前來體驗南京的文化與風情。

“魔墅”的意義是可移動、工廠預製的現代化別墅,暗示其變形能力。“魔墅”屬於營地式旅居車的一種,除了可以做移動商業、教育、表演和展示場所之外,其主要市場便是季節性景點的酒店業。此次參加倫敦設計週的“魔墅”城市客廳的功能在於“最小化運輸尺寸,最大化使用空間”。“魔墅”的面積拓展倍率達到3.3 倍;整個拓展過程在3分鐘之內即可完成;它無需地基,可保持用地的原生態;此外,“魔墅”擁有先進的零碳科技,實現能源自給自足;“V”字形屋面專為雨水回收設計,與南京老城南常見的“四水歸堂”院落有著異曲同工之處。


Other Events:

The Nanjing-London Culture Showcase; Nanjing Imprints; Magic Box: Nanjing Culture Showroom; Qinghuai Creative Lantern Exhibition; ‘Peony Pavilion Revisited’: World Tour, London Stop; LONDON 100% Design Exhibition Nanjing Pavilion: Eastern Aesthetics of Living; Nanjing Design Gallery Opening; Slow: Zhu Yingchun with Aaron Distler, Carlos Jimenez; Zhu Yingchun Book Donation and Exhibition; London Fashion Week: YOHO!; ‘Nanjing-Cambridge Two Cities’ Art Exhibition; Forum: Chinese Imperial Culture vs. British Civil Service System; Creative Industry Exchange Workshop; Training Camp in London for Nanjing Young Designers; Creative Industry Exploration; Back to Nanjing: E​​extended Activities.


南京-倫敦雙城文化客廳;南京印;槳聲燈影;《重訪牡丹亭》世界巡演倫敦站 ;倫敦 100% DESIGN 展 南京館:東方生活美學—— 以南京城為例;南京設計廊倫敦店(南京倫敦創意設計中心) ;朱贏椿個人展倫敦站;朱贏椿大英圖書館贈書儀式暨最美書籍設計展;倫敦時裝週 YOHO 時尚秀;南京-劍橋雙城藝術展;中國科舉文化與英國文官制度交流論壇; 創意產業推介交流會;南京青年設計師倫敦訓練營;創意產業考察活動;雙城互動。


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