Afterimage: Dangdai Yishu at Lisson Gallery

Artists: aaajiao | Li Binyuan | Lin Tianmiao | Ma Qiusha | Wang Youshen | Xiang Jing | Shen Xin | Yu Hong | Zhao Zhao
Curated by Victor Wang

Lisson Gallery’s summer exhibitions continue the gallery’s long-running commitment to presenting new art and new approaches to art as defined by guest curators. This year, curator Victor Wang offers a fresh interpretation and alternate trajectory for the development and genealogy of dangdai yishu (the Chinese phrase for ‘contemporary art’) as an open and discursive term, rather than a temporal or geographical definition. Taking a critical distance from established movements and narratives, ‘Afterimage: Dangdai Yishu’ brings together work by several generations of artists born between 1960 and 1990. It includes many artists not shown previously in the UK including seminal figures Wang Youshen, Yu Hong, Lin Tianmao and Xiang Jing, as well as a new generation of practitioners Shen Xin, aaajiao, Li Binyuan, Ma Qiusha and Zhao Zhao.

2019.7月3日-9月7日,英國倫敦的利森畫廊(Lisson Gallery)舉辦了一個與中國當代藝術相關的展覽《餘像 Afterimage》,展覽當中有很多不錯的中國藝術家,例如 王友申,喻紅,林天苗,向京這樣的一線藝術家,也有很多年輕的藝術家,例如趙趙,厲檳源,沈莘等等,我們有幸採訪到了林天苗、喻紅和厲檳源三位藝術家,讓他們聊一聊自己的作品,因為採訪內容很多,這裡只是節選,要是大家感興趣的話可以給我們留言,我們做出來全本的給大家看。






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